Lucifer #25 -- So, where do we go from here? (spoilers)

Anybody else read the new issue? I must say, I really like it. I’m a little worried about the seeming lack of a long term story arc a la Sandman, though; I don’t think that Carey has an end in mind, and that might lead the series to degenerate eventually. But that’s in the future, I guess.

So, what’s going to happen now? We have Lucifer burnt to a crisp, but Death says it’s not time for him to die just yet. (I’m thinking that might be rather a long time to her, though.) Once he gets back on his feet, will he be able to blast the new Basano incarnation in revenge for them using ridiculously phallic imagery in his realm (and destroying a city in the process), or will he have to go back and kick the crap out of Izanami? Why is Elaine the coolest of all angels? Will he be able to overcome his pride enough to ask Mazikeen for anything?

Ah, I look forward to the next issue.