Lucki goes clean and sober

Hey everyone.

I don’t know why, but I feel like this should be announced somewhere to someone. Here and you seem like excellent options to fill those blanks.

The situation is this: Lately, I’ve been using drugs for recreation/experimentation and I think I’ve been doing so too much. There haven’t been any consequences, my grades haven’t slipped (quite the contrary, I recieved two academic awards recently), nobody around me has noticed, YET. I got around this in my mind for a while using the logic that since I never used any particular substance or substances regularly, I couldn’t have a problem with any of them. I don’t think I have a problem, but I don’t know that, and in order to continue on with my daily life I need to KNOW that I don’t have a drug problem.

I’m not going clean and sober permanently by any means, but I am going clean and sober for at least a while. At an absolute minimum I will not abuse any kind of drug until the end of the school year, 2.5 weeks away. I’m quitting absolute cold turkey for at the very least that long. Depending on how much I want to do something, the period will lengthen. If at one week I’m going nuts (not likely, mind you) then this is going to be a very long time indeed. If I never even think about violating my pact with myself (also not likely), this will last 2.5 weeks.

We’ll find out soon if I need support in doing this, or if I can easily decide not to touch anything when I need to and stop worrying about this for a while. I seriously can’t imagine that I wll violate the 2.5 clean weeks ruling, but the question is “How bad will I want to?”. We’ll see.



Good job.

Good idea. For years, I kept telling myself I wasn’t addicted to nicotine; that I could quit cigarettes whenever I wanted to.
I finally did quit, but I had been addicted, and quitting wasn’t easily or quickly done.
Please keep us posted.

Yet another hug for Lucki. Sounds like a good choice to me, to try this now when there’s a possiblity that you can stop when you like. Best wishes for you. I hope it’s easier than you worry it might be. Bravo! (or Brava?)

Sounds like a good experiment to try. Keep us posted! And let us know if you need some more assertive support. Or circus peanuts

(you’ve won two academy awards?)


Thanks for the support everyone.

No problems on day one :wink:

And vanilla ? It’s academic awards, which are nice too.


sober people never know when I’m joking…
I KNEW that!
(you’ve actually won an Oscar, right?)

I do applaud your decision to at least try. I think that’s great. However, setting a time limit like that ( two and a half weeks ) kind of defeats the purpose, IMO. And the results will be a little misleading, I think.

First of all, I can say “I won’t eat chocolate at all today” and be fine knowing that, by my standards, I can eat all the chocolate I want tomorrow. Chocolate is slighty more mild than ecstacy, but I think you see my point. I hope.

Second, what if it’s really easy to quit now? You quit for two and a half weeks, no problem. Then what? You go back to using? Why bother quitting at all then? I know you said you want to see if you have a drug problem but even if you don’t now, you could still develope one. That’s why the results of your “experiment” will be misleading.

I think you should just quit. If you can get through more than 14 days, you might as well just keep going. But that’s just me…


Good luck to you though, in whatever you do.

Besides, many addicts go through periods of controlling their usage-only to prove they aren’t addicts in the first place.

Please, please seek help.