Lucky Charms--spawn of Circus Peanuts

Given The Master’s recent fascination with Circus Peanuts, it is interesting to note that they were the inspiration for Lucky Charms cereal. According to the August, 1999 Discover magazine, in 1963, "[former General Mills VP and product developer John] Holahan was brainstorming in the aisles of his local supermarket one day when he came upon the orange Marshmallow Circus Peanuts that were among his favorite confections. He took a bag back to the lab, cut up the “peanuts,” and sprinkled them over a bowl of Cheerios. They ‘ate just right’ Holahan recalls.

Eww, gross. I have to go throw out the box of Lucky Charms I have in my kitchen now. Thank you very much.

I like circus peanuts.

Hmm, a Lucky Charms/Circus Peanuts link. Could be interesting. I forwarded this to Cecil.

Jil- Have Uncle Cecil read up on this month’s Discover Magazine. It actually has an in-depth article on THIS TOPIC. ( Not too shabby for a Disney-produced publication ) It talks about the origins of this cereal. Too weird. I do believe that there is no such thing as a co-inkydink. That leaves me no other option than…the Great Conspiracy…<eg> :slight_smile:

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