LUGs: fact or fiction?

I recently tried to google the LUG phenomenon (Lesbian Until Graduation - where some girls in high school/college presumably claim, act and participate as lesbians until they graduate, and then suddenly become hetero and chase after men), but didn’t come up with much beyond old discussions on bbs’ and pontificating blog entries. I can’t tell if this is something that really happens (and if so how prevalent is it?), or if it’s a male fantasy-driven chixxxs-on-chicks thing. Does anyone have first hand or second hand (i.e. my friend/sister/girlfriend/fiancee/wife) knowledge that this is real?


Here in Masachusetts we have a few all girls colleges like Smith that fit the stereotype and have a certain segment of the student body that are millitant. I used to work with two women that went to Smith although different years and they both admitted to making out with other girls and participating and doing things like close dancing with other girls. I don’t think they ever pretended to be lesbian though. That stuff happens at coed schools as well.

I’ve heard of that sort of activity before. I believe it also occurs in prison, where women hook up with other women because there aren’t any men around, and may also accur in men’s prison. I would suspect, though, that it doesn’t happen as often as we think.

Maybe I need to go check out what Pubmed has on it, if anything.

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Since you’re most likely to receive informed opinions here rather than a nice factual answer to your OP, I’ve moved this to IMHO.

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It happens. I knew a number of LUGs (or, more accurately, BUGs), who were hetero before and after college but engaged in some lesbian behavior during college. Some of them were pretty quiet about it, some of them loudly identified as bisexual (and didn’t afterwards).

It’s shockingly common. Ask any graduates of Smith College.

And here I was thinking, “Linux User Groups”…

I went to Agnes Scott. It’s a real phenomenon and pretty common. I always felt very sorry for the “real” lesbians involved, because they’d get involved with these girls (always very femme, very lipstick lesbian - not at all saying that a real lesbian can’t be feminine, just that I never saw a butch LUG) and really get hurt later on.

I’ve heard “hasbian” as an alternate term and think it’s much funnier.

My experience was at Penn State, for what it’s worth–not some all-girl school.

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I was thinking Huh? Of course it is fact.

Thank you all, and thank you, Samclem for moving this. Ok, now what about high school? Is this something that starts in high school, or just later?

Oh, I would think that as far as Microsoft is concerned, Linux-type LUGs are hoped to be fiction.