Getting that lesbian toaster oven

This subject was an autohijack in the femme/butch thread so I thought it would be neater to spin off a new thread rather than continuing the hijack.

Getting the “toaster oven” as a proverbial reward for recruiting a new lesbian came from an episode of Ellen, IIRC.

There was a bit of controversy resulting from my quote of Jeanne Adleman:

“It took me five years of uncertainty to believe that I could be good enough to be a lesbian, could equal the qualities I saw in others. I was helped by recognizing that the particular group of lesbians and nonlesbians I worked with shared progressive political commitments around, for example, race and class.”

Emphasis in the original.

Just because someone announces to the world that she’s now lesbian by her own fiat — and I believe she certainly has the right to determine that for herself — to be able to participate in lesbian group cohesion, it isn’t necessarily that simple. I think the underlying issue is “Can we count on you to stick with us when the going gets rough, or are you just a fair weather friend?” Because it isn’t always easy to belong to a minority group that many feel citizens free to despise openly. That’s why Adleman feels it goes along with progressive political commitments. “We want to know if you’ll stick with us in the struggle.”

As for my lesbian bona fides, you’ve seen the posts I’ve made on Sappho, quoting her poems in the original Greek along with translation. That’s what you get when a bookish linguistic/literary geek is also lesbian.

The lesbian coming out process is a matter of establishing a relationship first with oneself and then with others. It’s an ongoing process as the self is explored further and further. I hate to use such a trite cliché as “a journey of self-discovery,” but that’s what it is for me. To exist with a lesbian identity in society, I needed to build relationships with other dykes based on mutual acceptance and respect. (OK, mutual sexual hots would be just as good too.)

Violet: We’re not that different, Corky.
Corky: Ah, let’s see. This is the part where you tell me what matters is on the inside, and that inside of you there’s a little dyke just like me.
Violet: No, she’s nothing like you. She’s a whole lot smarter than you are.

Are you asking a question here?

What is the point of your post? :confused:

Well, that was rude. If you don’t like my thread, then don’t fucking post in it, OK?

What is the debate? :confused:

I think you are looking for Great Monologues, not Great Debates.

How many recruits do you have to sign up to get a Fiat?

Yeah, where’s the beef? Ultimately all of us go through a process of self-discovery to figure out who we are and how we relate to the rest of society. It’s called life though most of us have to open a new checking account to get that nifty toaster oven. Really, what’s the debate here? Does it have anything to do with how we choose to define ourselves and how that relates to the rest of humanity?


You guys don’t know how to read? The OP clearly said there was a controversy that hijacked another thread, I linked to the other thread to show that there was an argument about it, and I said it should be continued here instead of hijacking the other thread any more. It was already obviously a debate. Any other questions?

A new Fiat or an old Fiat? I’d have to say three, since a toaster oven is still more useful and reliable than a Fiat.

Yeah, tell us what the debate is without making us read the link.


Excuse me, if you want a debate, why don’t you mention what it is we are supposed to be talking about.

Otherwise, its a link plus a monologue.

It would be so awesome if we had a smiley saying “Put it in your livejournal!”

When multiple people ask you the same question, you might consider that it’s your writing that is the problem, not their reading. I don’t see what the debate is either.

I don’t know about a toaster oven, but what do you have to do to be awarded that hammer that makes everything look like a nail?

Okay, I don’t know where the debate is either, but I’ll be happy to begin by mocking your hateful quotation by Adleman!

What, a woman who just likes pussy is not “good enough” to be a lesbian?? Nothing I have ever read could make me despise lesbians more! (that’s just one extraordinarily sanctimonious lesbian, right? None of my lesbian friends are that obnoxious!)

Gah! There’s at least two of you extraordinarily sanctimonious lesbians! There isn’t a great deal more you could say outside of your admission of burning live babies that would make me despise your attitude more. How dare anyone require political fealty and political correctness out of people before you’ll accept them as equals! Adleman’s – and apparently your – position is despotic in the extreme, and utterly reprehensible.

Your saving grace is that you admitted: “(OK, mutual sexual hots would be just as good too.)” Welcome to the human race. But if you honestly believe such adherence to a lesbian faith is required for being considered a lesbian, then I withdraw my welcome.

Especially one with 67 posts in it.

If this were in IMHO, I’d go for the Fiat. Not that my old 128 (mine isn’t posted) did me much good.

Lesbian is a sexual orientation not a political ideology. You are lesbians if you are a woman who eat pussy, it doesn’t require you to be a firebrand communist.

I think this counts as witnessing, honestly. Calm down, Johanna. You’re cool with yourself and the process you’re going through, and that’s all that matters.

But I still think this might belong in IMHO or MPIMS.
Or it might not. But… can you watch the F-bombs?

Who do I have to pray to/vote for/read novels by in order to get admitted into the heterosexual club? And if I’m not committed enough to be a homosexual or a heterosexual, do I have to be celibate? What if I’m not militant enough for the celibates either?

Yeesh, new worries to keep me awake at night!

or not.

Don’t worry love. I’ll do you.

We’re all omnisexuals in here.