Lunch With Cinnamon Imp

After years of friendship with Cinnamon Imp I finally managed to catch up with her and her husband and family in Glasgow, Scotland. My wife and I joined them for lunch at what turned out to be a fantastic venue with far better food and service than we had previously had in the chain.

We then went back to their lovely home for a few more beers and red wines and to make friends with their cat (which promptly attacked the Christmas tree).

Many thanks to Cinnamon Imp and family.

Let me know if you’re headed Aberdeen-way.

Facebook tells me we have been friends since September 2010. And given the SDMB tells me that I only joined here in Jan 2010 (after at least a year of lurking), I think we must have found each other as friends fairly fast :slight_smile:

It was a lovely meet up! I do feel I put my foot in it when I mentioned I missed winding up two ex-SDMB gents in particular who have something in common - that did not make me look like a nice person in front of your dear wife :wink:

I hope you have a fabulous dinner tonight after yesterdays disappointing pie, but I’m totally drinking the beer you left in my fridge :stuck_out_tongue:

(and get staff to fix the heating in your room, I’m not having your memories of my city being cold with shit food!!)

Quartz, unfortunately Aberdeen is on the to do list as London is our next stop before that dreadful flight home. We had a great time with Mike and his wife in Edinburgh 5 years ago (Dope name eludes me this time of night) and we’ll certainly let you know before hand. I have never had a meeting with a Doper where we couldn’t chat for hours- however in another year or so I will be even older and crankier. Thanks for the invite- it is appreciated.

You must have been swept of your feet by my being able to use “their” instead of “there”. I can think of no other charms. We had sandwiches from Sainsbury’s for dinner and they were better than the pie. We are enjoying the weather (well with riders) and the people but after five weeks in Europe my liver needs a break.
Hopefully Salem the cat won’t destroy your Christmas tree,

Ah, here was the original friends thread, back when I was hermette. The cat pics must have swung it for you :slight_smile:

We both felt too tipsy to cook, so had (more) pizza after you guys left. Enjoy the riders!

I just popped in to say that I’ve seen the thread title a dozen times so far as I check and recheck MPSIMS, and I can’t help but sing it in a Neil Young voice:

*I wanta lunch with a Cinnamon Imp,
I could be happy the rest of my life,
with a Cinnamon Imp…

Mike’s SDMB name is Meurglys!
Shame you’ve skipped Edinburgh this time around…

Duh! We didn’t skip Edinburgh and I was so tempted to send you a PM but I had no idea if you were still around. We were in Edinburgh for Hogmanay and we thought you would have made plans so didn’t want to intrude. We did visit the Greyfriars Tavern and debated whether or not to wander down to your company.

Sorry to have missed you both but we will be back- presuming I am still above ground.

No matter; as you know, I’m easy to find when you’re back…

Our regular New Year plan is to go see a film in the evening on Hogmanay (this year The Favourite) so that we don’t spend all the evening getting far too drunk!

You must have one of the few- I saw quite a number. And I was in bed by 9 PM!
It was an experience but heavens the Royal Mile is just a tourist trap.

It took you until now to realise the High Street is a tourist trap!?

Anyway, I’ve celebrated enough Hogmanys in Edinburgh to know that it’s much less fun if you’re sober and that once you’ve done it a few times you’ll have more fun taking it a bit easier away from the mobs. The crowds in the ticketed area used to be much bigger (as was the area) but they limited them to 75,000(?) a few years ago…

It’s a really good one, though :slight_smile:

However there is only so much tartan you can look at and so many jugglers you need to see.

Now in London and wondering if I’ll ever be able to walk past the Goat Tavern without having a pint.

We go home on Thursday and I believe it is around 40 degrees Celsius at the moment- be a bit different from the minus 11 in Budapest.