Lurking on Facebook

According to, one cannot know if there are lurkers on their page. But, I wonder if this is absolutely without exception. Won’t FB suggest you “friend” the lurker, especially if you have some the same friends in common???

If my link is not working, try this:

Possibly, but you have know way of knowing if they were suggested because they were viewing your page. You really have no way of knowing for sure if anyone has viewed your page.

What evidence suggests this?

I’d be willing to bet if this was true we’d know about it by now. At some point co-workers and people on dating sites (and other places where people interact but have no FB friends in common) would see each other being suggested as friends and it would be common knowledge not to check out other people’s FB pages unless you want them to know you’re doing it.

As of right now, that’s not the case.