Lux Fiat - where does your sig come from?

Isn’t that what you use to wash Italian cars.


After a few beers, maybe. :slight_smile:

Well, see if I wash your feet with expensive ointment and dry them with my hair after that. :wink:

Glad I could make your day, Lux Fiat. I still think you are cool.

Hell, I don’t know about Fiat, but you sure made my day. Would you be so kind as to substitute ointment for rich oils and fragrances in my case? Assuming that you find me worthy of the treatment, of course.

Naw, I thought it was very interesting, and so are you! Now that .sig will no longer haunt my dreams…

Thanks again everyone for taking the time to read my MP question, and thank you for those responding. This thread is now officially open for closing, death, or hijacking. :wink: