Lux Fiat - where does your sig come from?

Every time I see it, it disturbs me vaguely, like I should know what it means. Oh, what hidden message lies in the following, I ask you?

Please! Tell me what this means, so I can sleep at night! :slight_smile:

So, in the event that Lux Fiat is on vacation or otherwise unavailable, please allow me: it means ‘Let there be light!’, although I believe it should be Fiat Lux.

Perhaps the interested party could confirm my interpretation…

omni-not, I think you just pulled a handy.

I apologize, Lux, for jumping the gun, but I love that episode and the chance to share it is just too cool.

the above is a brilliant piece of dialogue from a show called Newsradio. It starred Dave Foley, Stpehen Root, Maura Tierney, Khandi Alexander, Vicki Lewis, Joe Rogan, Andy Dick and ::sigh:: Phil Hartman. After Hartman was killed in '98 (i think), Jon Lovitz was brought onto the show and it went downhill rather quickly.

The sig is from an episode where Stephen Root (Jimmy James, the station owner) writes a book and has it translated into Japanese, where it will sell better. He then has it translated back into English once it becomes a big hit in Japan. But NONE of it translates. Soooooooooooo funny. I miss it terribly :slight_smile:

you may rest easy now :slight_smile:

Thank you Sapphire Bullet! I used to watch that show, and I loved Phil Hartman too. I must have never seen that episode.

OK, now for the next question: from where does the name “Sapphire Bullet” come?

So ashamed. Desperately looking for a big enough rock to hide under. Even if it means shoving handy away.:smiley:


Wow, everyone has such deep sigs. I’m jealous.

Well, this is fun. What else can we explain about Lux before he shows up?

(ooh, ooh, please pick me…!)


Sapphire Bullet is from a They Might Be Giants song. I think it’s something like “sapphire bullets of {pure? somethin} love…”

Everytime I see that screen name, I get the TMBG theme song stuck in my head…

(They Might Be Giants, yeah, They Might Be Giants…{something something}… but They Might Be Giants and what are ya gonna do about {something}

okay, I didn’t say I knew all the words…

Me, too.

Jeeze, I use mine so seldom I can’t even get it to show on my first try.

Damn, and I knew BOTH of the answers! Newsradio AND TMBG.


Bet you don’t know mine though! evil cackle

Then again, mine is an original welfyism that dates back to the old message board. It got to the point that if someone referred to a towel, my name was always in the same post.

One night I walked into the bathroom with a nice fluffy towel and robe to take a shower. Just as I undressed, I heard someone knocking on the door. It was my brother; apparently he needed a shower more than I did, so I sighed and let him use the shower before me. After he was done, I strolled in again to try to take my shower and I noticed that my towel was gone! Then my brother walked by.

“HEY!” I yelled. “THAT’S MY TOWEL!” :mad:

He just looked at me oddly, then laughed at me and disappeared into his room.

Ah, don’t you love totally mundane and pointless stories?

Is this where I get to say that Lux Fiat is a really cool poster, and I like reading his stuff? Including that krazy sig.

a kazillion pts to the TMBG fans!

“sapphire bullets…bullets of pure love”
I love the thought of love as a bullet.

I wanted to be Dr. Worm (not a real doctor, but he is a real worm), but some crazy nut is holding it hostage- if you are going to have my cool name, then the least you could do is use it fercryinoutloud.

Hey, look, a thread to which I am uniquely qualified to respond, and everything’s been taken care of by the time I get here! sigh Always a bridesmaid…

Thanks for the assist, Sapphire Bullet.

So yes, it does indeed come from one of my favorite episodes of News Radio. I’ve actually been putzing around the web trying to find a video clip of the scene from which I took it, to no avail. Which sucks, because I downloaded it a few months ago, so I know it was out there at one point. Anyhoo, there’s an episode summary with screen caps here. It appears that in this transcription, there is no definite article preceding “glorious.” Funny, I coulda sworn I heard a “the” when I listened to the damned thing ten times to get the sig right. I ain’t changin’ it.

The lux fiat/fiat lux thing was actually brought up not long after I unveiled this handle. It was determined, to my great relief, that both ways are proper, though “fiat lux” is apparently how it appears in the Vulgate Bible. The reason it’s reversed in my case (though I didn’t know it was reversed at the time) is because I lifted the phrase from a Satanic mass scene (in the Illuminatus! trilogy). Not that I’m a Satanist, or even believe in all that stuff, but I do admire Lucifer as a literary character, and mean it to refer also to the light of reason.

So there you are, more than you ever wanted to know about my sig and screen name. Bet you’re sorry you gave gave me an excuse to talk about myself now, huh, Anthracite? :wink:

And just so you know, magdelene, you pretty much made my day. Thanks.

Though I’m sure I didn’t make yours by spelling your #&@!ing screen name wrong. A thousand apologies.

Although Fiat Lux was one of the first Latin phrases I learned as a child (both of my parents went to CAL), am I the only one who thought that Lux Fiat might just have been a reference to some top end Italian sports car?

And a bajillion props to me! Two weeks ago when I saw your first postings, Sapphire Bullet, I asked if you were made of pure love. Yes, yes I am, you replied. And the rest is history.


(emphasis mine)

have you ever seen parenthood?
[sub]…granting a bajillion props to homer…[sub]