Luxembourg Noodle Recipe

I’m thinking of grilling some bratwurst tonight. While trying to come up with a side dish, I remembered something from the second season of Alton Brown’s Feasting on Asphalt .

Around the middle of the season, they went to a small town in the Midwest that was sort of a “Little Luxembourg”. The restaurant served a rather yummy-looking noodle dish that I believe had crackers as one of the ingredients. My google-fu has failed me up to this point, so I turn to the Dope’s culinary advisors for assistance. Anyone ever heard of this, made it, knows the restaurant, anything?

In Luxembourg it’s called pastaschutta. Recipes are hard to come by, but this might help your search.

Pastaschutta seems to be a an adopted Italian pasta that is popular in Luxembourg (pasta asciutta).

Which kind of goes against those luxembourger noodles from Alton’s series which, IIRC, were a fresh egg noodle.

The noodles that I saw made remind me very much of a simple German (or middle european- Nudeln/Kluski) egg noodle. It reminded me very much of an Amish Egg Noodle and Frankenmuth Michigan’s famous Zenders Buttered Noodles.

I would say to follow the amish recipe, butter them, and top with cracker crumbs like tyhe zender’s recipe.

I’ll tell ya, just make the zender’s noodles. If they are anything like the real thing from zenders, then you will not be disappointed. Nuttin’ like em.
(But make the noodles from scratch and fairly thick. The luxembourg noodles sound like the same thing just a lot more bland, IIRC they were just homemade egg noodles with nothing to make them more savory.)

The Zender’s recipe sounds great.

A common Amish side dish is to coat the noodles with browned butter. This is bad for your arteries, good for your soul.

I’ve made chicken and noodles, as well. The above amish noodle recipe fresh is the basis of a real chicken n’ dumplings (thick cut, and polygonal in crosssection, similar to a rawhide strip). My dad made it this way sometimes.

Simmer a couple of skinless, bone-on, chicken breasts with some onion, celery, and carrot in a can of chjicken broth and three cups of water for around an hour, chunk the chicken into the broth, add the noodles to the boiling stock and meat and simmer for around a half an hour. Add salt and pepper to taste at the end, plus a couple of drops of yellow food coloring.

Easy Chicken and Noodles that is better than Bob Evans.

(The well floured noodles and a reduced amount of stock to noodles will make a nice and thick chicken and noodles, if it isn’t thick in consistency let it simmer till stew-like. These things just get better with time.)

Another tip: use 4 cups of chicken stock if you prefer. 4 cups of liquid to one amish noodle recipe.

Well, I took your advice, devilsknew , and I must say I was not disappointed. I didn’t follow it to the letter (didn’t make the Frankenmuth chicken seasoning), but still the result was one of the tastiest noodle dishes I’ve ever had. I had lots left over, so I’m going to take it for lunch tomorrow with some leftover grilled chicken.

Thanks for your input. Once again, the Teeming Millions come through (not that I ever had any doubt they would!)