Lynch mob mentality

I never cease to be amazed and dismayed when people cheer and applaud prospective political candidates when they make speeches declaring what they are going to do for the community or for the country, or both. I’ve seen people with tears in their eyes after one of these con men (usually men) has roused the crowd to a frenzied mob. Hitler was quite good at this I’m told.
I know I’m not alone when I say I never allow myself to be ‘carried away’ by the rhetorical rebel rousing of political people or any other type of people. You’ve got a brain and and a mind; use them, and don’t let anyone take control of them.
Marketing people are deceivers and con artists. Don’t let them control you. Be a lion, not a lamb, you’ll feel so much better.
If you’ve read this far don’t be influenced by what I’ve written, I just hope you’ll think about it and then do what YOU want to do, NOT what I or anyone else wants you to do.

“Put the kettle on Doris. Thanks darlin’ yer a diamond.”

Does this relate to a column Cecil wrote, and if so, which one?