Lyric Search Engine?

Does any one out there in the SDMB know of any really good lyric search engines? Im trying to find the lyrics to a song by Sinead O Connor. Its called ‘One More Day’ and I cant find them anywhere, Ive checked Google and about 20 other lyric sites…

Id appreciate the help!

Google is probably your best bet. If it’s not there, you probably won’t find it.

Any site with lyrics usually gets taken down very quickly for copyright violoations, so it would be impossible for a site to offer such a service.

I use altavista myself, but I don’t really think the engine matters.

What I do is put in a line I know EXACTLY from the song (in “quotes” in altavista) What I mean is a line with no ambiguities like he is vs. he’s. Also something fairly unique, the oddest line (or partial line) I know. Like “It’s half past four and I’m shifting gears” for Radar Love by Golden Earring

Ive tried both suggestions, I think this is a first… Havent been able to find what I want on the Net. Information wise I mean…

What I dream of is a search engine for musical notes, in abc format or other. and I dream on.

Have you tried I haven’t used the site, but a friend of mine says it’s pretty good.

Let us know your results!