Need a decent song lyrics site.

I’ve found a few, but they’re either woefully lacking in selection (one had 2 from U2) or so full of pop-ups that it wasn’t worth the electrons clicking the link.

I don’t mind a few pop-ups if it’s manageable, I’m really after a comprehensive lyrics site. What are your favorites?
*Bonus question. A few months ago I ran across a site that was message board-type that offered what songs meant. Friggin L337 speakers drove me away in about 4.7 seconds. (I was stoned so my reflexes weren’t as sharp) :wink: Anyone have a similar site that is at least semi-valid?


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I use Sing365 quite a lot.

I use Firefox w/ZoneAlarm, but I don’t see a popup warning. I even tried with IE 6 with the ad blocker turned off and nothing horrible happened.

Here’s their list of U2 songs.

Awesome MrBlue. This will work just fine. Thanks again