Lyrics magically appeared on my iPod! And yet...

So the other day I was listening to Sufjan Stevens’ “All Delighted People” on my iPod when I accidentally clicked the center button a couple of extra times. To my surprise, what did appear to my wondering eyes were the lyrics for the song I was listening to!

“Omigosh!” I exclaimed, “I had no idea these were included!” I frequently listen to albums on the train, so having the lyrics handy would be wonderful. As I began scanning other albums, however, my delight turned to confusion as I was unable to find any other albums that had come with embedded lyrics. I admit I didn’t look at all of them – I have hundreds and hundreds of albums – but my guess based on my sampling is that it’s pretty rare or even non-existent (other than Sufjan).

So my question is this: why the heck don’t they all come with embedded lyrics? And really I’d open that question up to both idle speculation as well as any informed comments on why that might be, or notice of other albums that did indeed come with lyrics.

Oh, one other thing to bear in mind: that particular album was a free download from his website, which I dragged and dropped into iTunes. So it might just be that someone really really clever works for him.

It is an option available but rarely exercised (at least so far). The latest two Smashing Pumpkins songs from the ongoing Teargarden from Kaleidyscope project have lyrics included and they are the only ones like that on my iPod.