Lyrics that make Beavis and BH say "heh-he"

Any 12 year-old boys out there? This thread may be for you.

Jerry Vale: Pretend you don’t need her, my heart, But smile and pretend to be gay.

B and B-H: Heh-Heh.

penal system

When they saw the video for “Bang a Gong” by T-Rex, they both misunderstood:

“Get it on. Bang your schlong!”

“Don we now our gay apparel?”

“I had a taste of the real world
When I went down on you”

Love’s been a little bit *hard on * me.

Love in an elevator
Livin’ it up when I’m going down

That is, if they got it.

Those chicks in Poison are hot.

Wynona loved her big brown beaver and she stroked him all the time. – Primus

Beavis: <whisper>ohhhhh my god, hmm-hm hmm hm-hm-hm-hm-hm, yeah, mm-hm-hm hmm hmmm
Butt-head: come to Butt-head.

Those chicks in Hanson are hot.

“She gives me back-door love”

One of the true disappointments in my life was that B&B were cancelled before Christina hit it big, and we were deprived of hearing them utter the immortal words:


I’m amazed no one has mentioned Beat It yet. :slight_smile:

How’s your hole . . . family?

They actually watched this one. It was right at the very end of an episode. For those of you unfamiliar with the lyrics:

“I woke up today… with a bad headache… and my penis was missing. This happens all the time - it’s detachable.”

(Chorus: Detachable penis… detachable penis…)"



My fave B&B moment was when they were watching Journey’s video of “Seperate Ways”:

[q]Is this a joke?[/q]

If you watch that one, you’ll notice they have a block over the “penis” and Beavis and Butthead are both giggling so hard you can barely make out the lyrics. I only saw the video itself on late night MTV.

BTW, what IS that song about? I mean, is there some kind of joke about him having a detachable penis that I don’t get? Is it supposed to say something about him?

It’s just supposed to be funny.

"Hey, they said, ‘Revved up like a douche!’-- Heh heh . . . "

“Hey, they said, ‘Let your son go down on me!’-- Heh heh . . .”

I think the song Detachable Penis is mostly just being silly for being silly’s sake, but with maybe a little social commentary on the social construction of gender. You know, “I feel like less of a man when my detachable penis gets lost.” Etc.

Though I have to say I like the silly aspects much better. There are some funny lines in the lyrics: “So I told them, if it pops up, to let me know.” (Insert boiiing! SFX here.)

(Detachable Penis would make a great SDMB user name…)

Many fond memories from Beavis and Butthead. Remember when they watched the Men Without Hats “Safety Dance” video?

TV: o/~ We can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind…

Butthead: This guy keeps saying that he can dance, but like, HE CAN’T!

Or, of course, my favorite line ehvar in B&B:

(B&B flip to MTV, which is playing Boy George’s “Karma Chameleon” video…

( o/~ “Karma, karma, karma-karma, karma chameleon…” )

Beavis: Uhhhh…

Butthead: Uhh.

Beavis: This sucks. Change it!

( o/~ “I’m a man… I’m a man…” )

Butthead: Uhhhh…

Beavis: Em…

Butthead: He doesn’t LOOK like a man…

( o/~ Come and go, you come and goooOOooo… )

Beavis: Errr…

Butthead: Is this like, supposed to be the future or something??

Beavis: Yeah, yeah! Em-hehehe-hm! It sucks! Change it!

Butthead: I’m pretty cool Beavis, but I can’t change the future…


Man… after watching LOTS of Beavis & Butthead in college, there are two songs I can’t hear anymore without thinking of them.

  1. “Venus” by Bananarama. There’s a point when they sing “I’m your Venus”, and Beavis sings over it “I’m your Beavis!”.

  2. “Viva Las Vegas”- Elvis/ZZ Top. The chorus of “Viva Las Vegas” becomes “Beavis Las Vegas”.

EVERY time I hear the normal versions of these songs, that’s the lyrics that pop into my head. It’s especially bad lately with the Venus ladies’ leg razor commercials.