Lyrics that you feel "just don't fit"

Some songs have lines in them that just don’t seem to mesh with the rest of the song.
Take Zep’s “Whole Lotta Love” for instance. A song about the declaration of utmost mojo (“woman, you need me”), Plant asserts his alpha maledom, which, I feel, is quite undercut by the nerdy line “I’m back to schoolin’”. :nerd_face: (uh, say what?)
Any songs you can think of where the message seemed to change, or just get briefly altered at some point?

Heh, this could be a very short thread.

I thought the line was “I’m gonna send you back to schoolin”. Which meant he was going to teach her a thing or two. Very alpha male.

Ah thanks - never paid attention to the previous line, which, indeed, makes Tom Selleck sense.

Jeff Lynne’s place-keeper lyric “Droos!” in ELO’s “Don’t Bring Me Down” always made me cock an eye, infamous rhyme notwithstanding.

I’ve heard that so many people asked him who “Bruce!” was, that he now sings it that way on tour.

The lyric sheet said “Groooos” or something similar. I think it was simply a nonsense syllable that fit into the song’s rhythm.

In Zep’s “Baby I’m Gonna Leave You”, Plant goes on and on about how “it’s over”, but near the end, he sings “We’re gonna go, walking through the park every day.”