Lyrics you insist on singing wrong

Sheryl Crow’s Easy. I have two different versions.

We said this summer we’d go down to Cancun, but COVID-19 makes that kind of hard to do.

The second version I imagine being sung by Ted Cruz.

We said this winter we’d go down to Cancun, and the big freeze makes that kind of easy to do.

One ton of mierda
Juaquin ate one ton of mierda
One ton of mierda!
Juaquin ate one ton of mierda…

Damn, I’ve been singing that too, for the last few years. Damned prostate . . .

I’m adopting this.

It’s a miracle
A true blue spectacle
A miracle come true

It’s a miracle
A true blue testicle
A miracle come true

You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille
With four hungry children and a crop in the field

You picked a fine time to leave me, loose wheel
With four hundred children and a’coppin’ a feel

He don’t love you (and he never will) like I love you

He don’t love you (and he can go to hell) like I love you

And of course, the original was
Blinded by the light; revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night.

That reminds me (and I believe I posted it in the YOUR mis-heard lyrics thread).

When I was a kid there was a song they played all the time called ‘You Sexy Thing’. Being a kid, with an AM radio, I heard the lyrics as, and still think of them as:

I believe in Milk-Os
It’s a kind of law
You sense the pain…

(The actual lyrics are: I believe in miracles / Since you came along / you sexy thing)

Two from my childhood:

I doubt that it was a hit in the US and anybody of you knows the song, but “Zabadak” was a one hit wonder by the Saragossa Band in Germany in the late seventies. We always used to sing it as “Schlabbersack”, which roughly means wiggly scrotum.

The other is Boney M’s Rasputin (which more people will know), in which we sang instead of

Ra-Ra-Rasputin, lover of the Russian Queen

Ra-Ra-Rasputin, scheißen ohne abzuziehen

which means

Ra-Ra-Rasputin, shitting without flushing

Yeah, we were silly as children. Of course I still sing them that way when they are played on the radio.

One just came up in rotation and I started singing it wrong before I even remembered this thread

Strangers, racin’
Up and down the boulevard
Their tires
Turnin’ in the night
Streetlights turn green
Hopin’ just to find some traction
Runnin’ somewhere in the night

Bruce’s got nuttin’ on Journey for car songs. :slight_smile:

(but yet, I insist on calling the song “Don’t Stop Breeding”. go figure)

At the Buca
Buca di Beppo
Pinocchio lied to Geppetto
And his nose grew
A give-away clue…!
If he tells another lie
He’ll put out someone’s eye
At the Buca
Buca di Beppo…

I’ve always done this part:

Music and pacifism
Always ran counter to fascism
at the Cooo-paaaa

In One Week by BareNaked Ladies, there’s a line where they sing “like Harrison Ford, I’m getting ‘Frantic,’ like Sting, I’m tantric, like Snickers, guaranteed to satisfy.”

My tongue just cannot do the gymnastics needed to ever sing that line correctly.

Gray skies are gonna clear up…sit on a happy face