M.A.M.O.N. (Mexican short film about Trump)

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From Mexico, a delightfully outrageous short fantasy/scifi/comedy/commentary on Trump’s Wall. Filled with cultural references and in-jokes, many if not most of which won’t register with non-Hispanic viewers. Although I’m one-quarter Mexican a lot of the film still goes over my head.

I’m hoping for a shot-by-shot explanation for gringoes like me.


The non-subtitled bits are actually in English, although they may be difficult to understand. Note for people who aren’t already sick of seeing my username: IANMexican but Spanish, haven’t lived in the US for over a decade, etc. etc.

The hospital: the surgeon who removes his mask asks about González, a stereotypically Hispanic lastname.

The desert: a gas cylinder, something often found in operating rooms, and a man in surgical dress being dropped. González has been deported, along with a heart belonging to the patient in the previous scene.

So has Miss Universe. Despite being Venezuelan she’s been deported to Mexico, because c’mon, all those brown (or any other color) people are Mexican, right?

The weather channel predicts rains of water north of the Río Grande, and of people south of it.

The little boy is marking one line for every person who gets thrown down.

Who gives a shit whether you have your Green Card or not. Anybody has any doubts that Trump would love to deport Judge Curiel? And he doesn’t just have a Green Card, he’s got a Blue Passport. Dude asks for his job back and he gets it: the food cart where he worked gets deported as well. And of course he gets to pay for the transportation of the now-broken cart.

They sure had fun with the Trumpformer :smiley: whose dick is commesurate with his hands.

Shades of El Mariachi, the movie which made Robert Rodríguez famous.

And there are sooooo many movies where a mistaken box / valise / guitar case starts the whole story, they should have their own TV Trope if they still don’t.

Dude’s “I’m warming up here” note damages the glass in the Trumpformer. Trump retaliates without waiting for the rest of the song.

Reference to el Día de los Muertos, which I imagine y’all got but I’m listing it for completeness.

The diplomat gets a Lucha Libre mask, in hopes that it will make him “acceptable” enough that Trump will listen before shooting. Aside from Lucha Libre Mexicana being something that many Americans are fond of, it is quite common for racists/xenophobes all over the world to be ok with “those people” so long as “those people” happen to play for their favorite team or in their favorite sport.

Montaje of “destruction of Mexican culture”. One of the pics could be considered self-inflicted, the tourist resort; those can be pretty conflictive, as there are perceptions that a lot of money and resources are going into “making the foreign visitors happy when it could be spent in other stuff such as education”.

At one point the lady says “vaya, prontito” which means “go now” but it gets subtitled as “well, pretty soon”. I reckon this is yet another joke, about some of the horrible translations you can get for visual media (both in dubbing and subtitling).

“So who can save us now?”

The grave with the hammer and that sort of bug-hat is for el Chapulín Colorado, a parodic superhero (lots of videos in Youtube). Since he’s dead, he cannot save us!

A bolt of lightning smites the cowardly diplomat! (And even if it’s not shown on screen, people cheer).

Trilingual joke time. IIUIC, which I may not as I’m not much of a sports person, in the US and in sports a “Hail Mary” is a desperate throw, the kind of long shot you take in the final seconds of a game while mentally lighting up enough prayer candles to lit up the cathedral of Prague. In Spanish, that prayer is called the avemaría, from its first two words, “Ave, María, llena de gracia…”. Ave is Latin for “hello”, but it’s also a Spanish word meaning “bird”. So, that huge Our Lady of Guadalupe UFO drops a “Mary bird”; specifically, a hen, a gallina. Which is what you call a coward in Spanish, where in English you’d call 'em chicken.

Not only does the Trumpformer get thorougly trounced by the power of the Patron of Mexico, of the Americas and of multiple other locations, but it gets egged by the symbol of cowardice.

Back to the surgery, the patient looks… familiar. Was that doctor who got deported actually operating on Trump Himself? Yes, he was, ladies and gentlemen, and now la cucaracha (which as you may know means the cockroach) isn’t just unable to walk but flatlined. Muy, muy muerta… muuuuuy muertitaaaaa…

I’ve been trying to come up with an explanation for mamón, but the best I can get is this: the literal translation would be sucker, but it’s a “you don’t tell me that on the street”-level insult. Depending on who you ask, it’s got connotations of “crybaby”, “coward”, “easily taken”, or it’s a rhyming euphemism for cabrón (specifically of its meaning of “a man who pimps out his own wife or daughter”).

I started a thread on this cool mini-movie a day or so ago in the BBQ Pit (and I also was unsure which was the most appropriate forum)! **pool **provided this explanation for mamón:

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I did find this regarding M.A.M.O.N. on the webs. Copied verbatim.

For those who doens’t speak spanish (or doesn’t know the street slur of Mexico). Mamón means “sucker” (literally). Someone who has a childish behavior (making a reference to breastfeeding with that). Usually the Mamón (or Mamona, if it’s a woman) always “la caga” (they make everything to turn into poop)… as a baby would do.

Why would anyone be “sick” of your username?
Also: any input regarding the people walking behind the Quinceañera girl?

Many thanks for your comprehensive reply, btw.

People. Just people. I’m guessing the crew didn’t bother clean up that area before filming the scene.

Ms. Nava, you are a unique, irreplaceable, and treasured member of the Straight Dope community.

Could there also be a link between Mamon and Mammon?

Not in concept. The two words are phonetically and morphologically identical (that’s big words for “they’re pronounced the same and spelled the same”) but it’s just happenstance. Mamón as insult comes from mamar: to suckle, suck or lick.

MammOn is also the God of greed, in a sense. I understand they are calling Trump a crybaby, cabrOn and so forth. But probably a coincidence.

That’s what I thought. I don’t know that he has a golden calf, but it sure seems like the sort of thing he would have.

I know who Mamón is, thank you; see my previous response to your question. But yes, it’s coincidence. And if you don’t know how to get the diacritics, please just leave them out instead of doing strange things to capitalization. Leaving them out under certain circumstances is actually ok within Spanish spelling rules.