M$ Works question about AutoCorrect

How do you turn it off? It’s on an old computer using an old version*, 4 or 5 i believe. There appears to be neither an option for it, nor are there any Help topics about it? And since it’s out of date i can’t find any help from the website either.

*I know the machine shouldn’t be Win95, and Office 2003 is out and everything should be upgraded, but people are poor.

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From memory, if you want to disable some or all AutoCorrect options, go to Tools > AutoCorrect Options, and check or uncheck options. Unchecking them all effectively disables AutoCorrect, IIRC.

I have Works 4.5, but I don’t see this feature with the name “Auto Correct”.

However, if you go this way:

Tools > Options > Editing

There is an option to turn off “Automatic Word Selection” in the word processing mode only.

Is this it?

Mr.Blue Sky, i know it’s not the real AutoCorrect but i don’t know what else to call it. But when, for example, the name Marc gets typed in, Works changes it to the word March. But i’ll check it out and let you know. Thanks