Mac dual-boot computers

My PowerBook G4 was made the year before Apple went to the Intel chip with its dual-boot capability. I have Office for Macs, but I don’t have Access. This is OK, since I can connect via VPN to my office PC to use Access. But sometimes if it’s a slow data day I’ll need to log onto the AS400 to do some low-priority stuff. I can connect from home with the Mac, but navigating presented a problem the one time I tried it. To navigate in the AS400 you need to use function keys. When I tried to do this with my PowerBook I discovered that Mac function keys don’t work the same way as PC function keys.

So here’s the question: If I get a MacBook Pro (which has the Intel chip) and I boot in Windows will the function keys work like PC function keys, or Mac function keys? That is, will I be able to navigate the AS400 on a MacBook Pro booted in Windows mode without having to do any keyboard remapping?

Macbook Pro with Windows user here. :slight_smile:

If you create a second partition using the Boot Camp utility and install Windows XP on it, you also install drivers for the Apple hardware. These are provided by Apple. Function Keys should work okay (I’ve never connected to an AS/400 from my Mac).

What function keys are you using? The Mac keyboard goes up to F12.

If you do install Windows on an Intel Mac and boot into it, be aware that it runs very warm. Very fast–even on a Late 2006 Macbook Pro, it beats the pants off my work computer–but very warm.

I prefer to use my Windows installation in a VMWare Fusion virtual machine. That way, I can run Windows and OS X side by side, drag things from one to the other, and the OS X fan drivers keep operating and keep the machine cooler.

You might also want to look at the Windows on the Mac forum at Macrumors. I’ve been spending a fair amount of time there.

The function keys on a PowerBook work like the function keys on a PC if you open the Keyboard PrefsPane (system preferences::keyboard and mouse::keyboard) and click where it says “Use all f1, f2, etc. keys as standard function keys”.

By default, a batch of those are reserved for stuff like volume, brightness, etc; with that checkbox checked, you use the fn key as a modifier to the function keys to access volume & brightness & the other hw functions.

AHunter3, I wonder whether the OP is in reference to function keys greater than 12? ISTR encountering them at times. I think they would be shifter regular fuction keys, but I’m not sure.

As easy as that? Thanks, I’ll try it this weekend.