Mac OS 10.2 font problem--fonts appear in folder as zero KB files?

I’m switching over from a computer that was running OS 9.2 to one that’s running OS 10.2. Unfortunately, I can’t get all my fonts to make the transition. Not only will the new OS not recognize them (and they’re Postscript fonts from Hoefler Type Foundry, not some hack piece of junk fonts) when I put them into the font folder in the library folder (as directed by Apple), but when I look at them in their folder under OS X, their file size appeara as “Zero KB.” WTF is this all about? The discussion boards over at have been mute on the subject, so I came here.

Your PostScript fonts are probably in the resource fork, and in “Mac resource” format, rather than the data fork, and in normal PFA or PFB format.

I recommend using either fondu or the t1utils package to convert your fonts to PFA/PFB. Both are command-line Unix utilities, and are available from Fink, if you happen to have that installed already.

Hope this helps.

Oy. What a pain in the ass. Guess I’ll have to go teach myself UNIX now.