Mac OS 9 Remote Access help

I connect to the internet via Earthlink, which means I dial into their server with my Remote Access control panel, launch Netscape, and gleefully hemorrhage time on the SDMB until I pass out from exhaustion.

I installed OS 9 tonight, where once there was OS 8.1, and now Remote Access automatically logs me out if I’m idle for a certain unspecified amount of time. I didn’t have that problem before, and I find it irritating to have to dial in again if I spend too much time, for instance, reading a long thread. I’m sure there’s a simple way to set some preference somewhere that’ll make Remote Access only log out when I damn well tell it to, but I can’t find it.

Help me, fellow Dopers. You’re my only hope.

OK, I know I fixed this myself, so it can’t be that complicated. Let me see if I can’t duplicate whatever the hell I did before.

Okay, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Go into “Control Panels” and then “Remote Access.”

  2. Click on “Options…” and then the “Connection” tab at the top.

  3. There should be two checkboxes under “Reminders” for prompting and disconnecting. Uncheck them both.

And that should work. Now if I could figure out why my grandparents’ iMac now connects automatically to the internet on startup and keeps reconnecting every time I hit disconnect, even with nothing but the finder open, I’d be happy.

Sanibel Man -

Go into the TCP/IP control panel. Click on the options button (bottom right). Check to see if “Load only when needed” is checked. If not, that could be the problem.

Sanibel: In the Options for Remote Access, uncheck “Connect automatically when launching TCP/IP applications.” Some extention or something is starting that uses TCP/IP.

Okay, I figured it out, but it wasn’t that. Somehow, Web Sharing had gotten turned on, so the computer tried to be connected to the 'net all the time. So I turned that off and that fixed it.

And so my monkey ass is enlightened, and all that energy I spent connecting every ten minutes can now be diverted back to keeping my eyes focused in the wee hours. Thanks, Sanibel Man. You too, Swiddles.