Mac Users: Upgrade to Panther?

What the title says. Are you planning on upgrading to Panther (OS 10.3)?

If yes…when?

I was able to get Jaguar for free…so I might hold off for awhile and wait for the reviews before jumping in.

Expose’ does look pretty spiffy, though.

I can get it for $69 through the school, so I’m going to do that.

I’ll probably wait a week for the initial bugs to get reported and fixed, then go for it. All accounts I’ve heard say there’s a significant speed increase for older machines.

I’m going to do it if I can make it install and boot on my old-world WallStreet PowerBook with its ADB and classic serial ports and lack of built-in USB.

Among other things, Panther allegedly plays much nicer with FileMaker than Jaguar, which was close to incompable. (In fact I stuck with 10.1.5 until about 5 days ago, when Village Tronic released a CardBus second-monitor card so I could finally run a second independent display off my PowerBook under X. The card required Jaguar. Were it not for that I would have held off until Panther was out)

I may have to wait for my Christmas bonus. But eventually, yeah. Just because I like to be up-to-date.

I think I’ll wait for the 10.3.1 release. I’m humming along fine on my 400 MHz TiPB for now, and I don’t want to muck with it until I’m sure it’ll work okay.

I’m not crazy about the new Finder look, though. I don’t care for the thought of every window looking like iTunes.

I will wait. I got Jaguar the day it came out, (and it was fabulous) so I think I can hold my horses this time. Plus, I’m kind of broke.

But I figure–maybe by the end of the year or early next. I’m looking forward to it.

I tend to wait about 4-6 months to let other folks identify the bugs and Apple to issue the followup fixes. I been doing this stuff since the 512K “Fat Mac” in what 1985? I think Jaguar is excellent, and am looking forward to the Finder/operational speed improvements that Panther is supposed to bring to G4s.

I work at a company that makes Mac software, so I’ve been mandated to upgrade as soon as I can get my hands on a set of CDs. I’ll probably upgrade my laptop too, after I back up what I’ve got on there, since I usually bring work home.

I am married to a Mac fanatic.
This means that we will, no doubt, get Panther as soon as he can get it.

“Yeah, it’s our honeymoon, dear – but it’s Panther!


Leaning towards getting it right away. But the 4th season of The Sopranos is being released October 28. Not sure which one I am looking forward to the most.

Oh yeah, definitely right away. For one reason alone: fast user switching. I love it in Windows XP, and I can’t wait to have it on my iBook.