MacBook Pro/Mojave crtl=cursor configuration

Bear with me while I explain…

I connect to my office PC from a MacBook, using OpenVPN and Microsoft Remote Desktop. Much of my work is done in Excel spreadsheets. At work, I can find the bottom of the data (first non-populated cell, or first populated cell) by clicking cntl-cursor. It works in all cursor directions. From home, I can almost do the same from my MacBook. My old MacBook wouldn’t allow the use of crtl-lateral cursor. It moved the windows around. But I could go up and down. On the new MacBook, crtl-cursor moves the windows around (show all windows, show desktop), but won’t allow me to quickly go to the beginning or end of the data in an Excel spreadsheet as I’m used to doing.

The tech at the Apple store tried to configure my new MacBook so I could use crtl-cursor the way I want, but he couldn’t figure out how to do it. Does anyone here know?

Go to System Preferences: Mission Control. Change the default setting of “^↓” for the Application Windows shortcut to something else.

I changed to ‘-’.