Weird MacBook Pro/Remote Desktop Connection problem

This is weird, and I don’t know what I might be doing to make it happen. I connect to my office PC from my PowerBook Pro via Remote Desktop Connection. The Mac is running OS 10.9.5.

Sometimes I think I move the mouse and/or right- or left-click somewhere, and my cursor goes to the top-right corner of the desktop. Naturally, this moves all of the windows off the screen so I only see the desktop. I use this function all the time. But sometimes, when I’m in RDC, the cursor doesn’t come out of the corner. I move it out of the corner to get my windows back. The windows slide into place, and then they slide off the screen again and the cursor goes back to the corner.

I’ve tried using the Esc key. That doesn’t work. I’ve tried using the key combination to force-quit RDC. Nope, the window for choosing what to force-quit won’t stay put. The only way I can fix the problem is by doing a hard restart by holding down the power key. It tries to shut down, but stalls on RDC. I hold the power button in again, and I’m told the machine is already shutting down. I keep holding the button down, and the machine finally shuts down. When I restart, everything is OK.

Is there a way to get out of this cursor/screen clearing issue without rebooting? Has anyone heard of this before?

I would turn that feature off.
Instead of using a hot-corner, I’d use F11 (which I have re-assigend to F5 on Yosemite).
That way, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Even with the corner enabled, can’t you just push F11 to get the windows back?

It happened again this morning. I tried F11. It didn’t work.

Probably because the keystroke is being captured by the remote desktop.

I do get the windows back in place, but when I move the cursor they slide away again.

I really think you need to turn the hot-corner off…

Not sure exactly what was happening, but it was related to the mouse.

Batteries are the bane of my existence. Phones, digital cameras, video cameras, you name it. My watches have automatic movements so I don’t have to change batteries. So I still use a wired mouse. They always fail after a couple of years. Normally, the cursor just stops moving and the buttons don’t work. I could tell my mouse was failing, but it was still working well enough. But this time there was that weird problem that prompted this thread.

After rebooting for the fifth time Tuesday, I plugged in a new mouse. So far, so good.