Another computer configuration question

I’ve been using a PowerBook G4 to connect to my Windows PC at the office. It’s been working well over the years, though there are some quirks.

Now I have a new MacBook Pro. As before, I’m using Remote Desktop Connection to connect to my PC. I’ve just discovered something different. In an Excel file, on my Windows PC, connected to with RDC, I could go to the last populated cell in a column by holding ‘control’ (on the Mac) and pressing the down-arrow. This is how it works on the PC when I’m in the office, too.

I’ve just tried to do this on the MacBook, with surprising results. Control+Down arrow puts the RDC shortcut into my doc, and opens a new RDC window. How do I configure my keyboard such that I can use the normal Excel control?

FWIW, it’s not a huge issue. I can just switch to the old computer. But it would be nice to make the new one fully functional work-wise.

That is just plain odd. I just tried on my Mac with RDC, and I get the keystroke going through to the PC client. Max OSX 10.7.4, RDC 2.1.0. I do notice that the Mac’s keyboard shortcuts - visible in System Preferences on my Mac have shortcuts for Dock functions that include control left-arrow and control right-arrow - so maybe your config is slightly different and that is where you need to check.

RDC only has the most simple keyboard shortcuts. A cruise around the system, and I didn’t see any related keyboard shortcut preference files related to RDC either.

I’ll check out System Preferences when I get onto the new computer. I suspected it was something like that, but I don’t mess with that sort of thing so I wasn’t sure what to look at.

OK, Mission Control has the control (^)+cursor commands. ^+up is ‘Mission Control’, and ^+down is Applications windows. I’ve unchecked both of those.

I connected to my PC with RDC on the new computer. Now when I do ^+down, I don’t get the new RDC window opening. I’ve also disabled the ^+left and ^+right. I now seem to be able to navigate Excel as usual.

Thanks for the help.