Mach 3 and Garnier Fructis

Still here; we’re not leaving until Saturday. As I said in my other MPSIMS thread, I’m feeling much better now. Partly due to other Dopers’ kind words; partly due to Mr. Rilch getting home; partly due to new developments, and partly due to the two new personal care products I used for the first time a few hours ago.

Mr. Rilch knows what I go through with razor burn, and, alternately, with my Silk-Epil. This afternoon, he presented me with a Mach 3 razor and said, “This is what I use. You’ll want to shave your legs twice a day, it’ll feel so good.” And whaddaya know: he was right. My legs are smooth as satin. Plus, the blade was just as effective at the end of the task as when I started. And rinsing it was a simple matter of swirling it in the tub water.

I also conditioned my hair with Garnier Fructis, and it smells wonderful. I like myself a lot.

Ah, the triple-blade razor is indeed a wondrous invention.

As for the Fructis…Rilchiam, may I smell your hair? One of my roommates uses Fructis and she always smells delicious.

:::Rilchiam tosses hair::: How’s that?