Machiavellian view of Gorsuch filibuster

My guess on how it’s going down.

Schumer to McConnell:
“Mitch. You know I need to feed those rabid dogs to the left of me some red meat so I’m going to filibuster this thing with Gorsuch. I know you understand. Give me a couple weeks to milk this thing. However when the vote comes around here are the 8 you need to pass him. I need to help my guys out in the next cycle and here they are.”

McConnell to Schumer:
“Well Chuck, I appreciate that. Go on and make all the fuss you want, we will be calling in the vote before the April recess. You got till then, and I’ll expect those 8 votes.”

Schumer to McConnell:
“Ok Mitch, and I’ll need a favor soon, but tell Trump if he nominates that SOB from Alabama in the next one no way we can work together on that”

More like:

Schumer to McConnell:
“Mitch. You kno—"

McConnell to Schumer:
“Nuclear option, bitch.”

Who is the SOB from Alabama?

William Pryor.

fraid so.
And I am sure McConnell would not limit the option to Supreme Court nominees. A lot of bills could get passed if there is no filibuster on any bill.

The Dems don’t have enough power in DC to order a cup of coffee right now. If the kids get too annoying, they are going to get an early bedtime. And Schumer knows it.

As the OP pointed out, the Dems can filibuster the nomination, but if 8 democratic votes don’t go along, the Dems get to say they filibustered and Republicans get their man on the S.C.

People want to make things so difficult, it is just simple math. Republicans have enough votes to undo the filibuster for judicial appointments so they will. No deals need to be made. Just count the votes.

You may be feeling blissful now, but just wait until President Sanders signs the Medicare For All Act in 2021, passed 51-50 in the Senate, with Vice President Warren casting the tie breaking vote.

Removing the filibuster for judicial appointments does not necessarily mean removing for everything.
However, if Americans are so stupid to vote for Sanders and Dr Phil’s Personal Finance Guru they deserve what they get.

I like your version better. :smiley:

When you think about it, it’s not a sodding war — fought out like Balinese Shadow Puppets before the public. All these idiots are supposed to be serving the People and making government run smooth.

All this posturing obstructionism on either side merely emphasizes how corrupt the system has become.

What do they deserve for playing Trumps ?

Sooner or later it is going to come to that. Once the Rubicon was crossed by the Dems, it would only be a matter of time before a SC vote will be too important to allow the filibuster to hold, then there will be some bill that is too important to allow the filibuster to hold…

I would not vote for Sanders, nor would I vote for a Democratic Senate. But if any bill passes the House by a majority, passes the Senate by a majority, and is signed by the President, the bill should become law.

The idea that 60 votes are required for everything has skewed our representative democracy to the point that nothing can be accomplished, for good or for bad. It has gotten out of hand and the filibuster needs done away with.