Macintosh, Windows, Airports and the miracle of creating a network- a question

I plugged my Mac Titanium PowerBook G4 into the Ethernet cable. Got highspeed from the folks where I was working. Created a wireless network. The fellow sittting 5 feet away found my network, and was able to detect a nice strong signal coming from my laptop.

He could have perused my hard drive, but that was not our intent. How do I go about setting things up, so if I create another private wireless network, he can surf the Internet USING my signal? Can he? Is such a thing possible?

We have one Ethernet drop and are denied permisstion to use a router, hub, splitter, etc. So, we thought this was a good way to share the signal. Is such a thing possible? I have Mac OS-X, Tiger on the PowerBook.

Go to System Preferences, choose the Sharing option, then choose the Internet tab.

Keep in mind that you are essesntially turning your laptop into a router, which you say is forbidden. Depending on how much the network admins monitor, they may take notice of what you are doing.

Oh. Well, the head cheese is the one who suggested it, then winked. See, we…uh. Well, I can’t get specific as to why, but I cannot afford the only router they permit now. ( Cisco ). He made it cleary by suggesting this, that using MY laptop to route a wireless signal to my co-horts was fine by him.

So, I’ll try it ! Thanks for the info, Cleophus !!

I can’t try it till I’m with someone else with a laptop, or I’d fire it up right now. :slight_smile: