MacOS Keychains?

So, I find myself working on Macs while i’m on campus here, and whenever I use Safari, it keeps nagging me to log into my keychain. Since I don’t particularly feel like using the keychain that this computer seems to offer to everyone who uses the classroom login, I was wondering if it’s possible to make a keychain that applies only to me, that I could keep on my USB thumbdrive.

Any suggestions?

Ummm… yes, that’s do-able. From Apple’s website:

1 Open Keychain Access, located in Applications/Utilities.

2 Choose File > New Keychain.

3 Type a name and choose a location for the keychain, then click Create.

4 Type a password for the keychain. For help in choosing a good password, click the key button to the right of the Password field to open the Password Assistant.

5 To make the new keychain your default keychain, click Show Keychains, select your new keychain from the list, and choose File > Make Keychain (new keychain name) Default.