Mad, am I? You won't say that when I've stolen ALL their teeth!

That bites!

“Holy molars, Batman!”
“Yes, Robin. I fear this damnable denture deed bears the evil toothmarks of … The Incisor!”

I think this criminal has likely bit off more than he can chew.

Having recently re-watched Hogfather, my first thought was what dastardly spell he thought he could cast.

Of course he took them — they were DE-composing.

He’s not mad. He’s dental.

*“Professor, teeth do not belong in your pants!”

“Well, I can’t keep them in my mouth. They’re nuclear-powered!”*

I was sure this was going to be about some mad scientist trying to extract DNA from their pulp to clone great composers. But no, just a garden-variety freak stealing dentures.

How mundane.