MAD Boaters

Any Maryland/DC area Dopers on here with boats? I’m looking for the best places to drop my new ski in the water. We were thinking of trying Sandy Point this weekend, but the chop of the Bay plus the temp of the water probably = no fun. I know we can go on the Severn River, but I’m not sure where to put in. The Potomac would work too, but I worry about rocks. Any recommendations would be great. (Yeah, I need a map pronto.)

And please tell me how jealous you are of my new toy. :wink:

Honda PWC

There’s a public ramp on the Patuxent in Solomons at the base of the bridge, and since those are the waters we sail regularly, I’m a bit biased. The Patuxent is deep and fairly wide, and you’ve got easy access to the Bay or upriver.

Although I do agree the water’s a tad chilly as yet.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

One of my firehouse buds says there is a great site close to where the Elk River meets Chesapeake Bay-it’s an old detention basin that the Army Corps of Engineers gave to Maryland. He says that if you look on a map for Westview Shores, there should be a notation of an adjacent property marked as Government. Paved ramp-open to the public-he rates it highly.