Mad-Men: 5.03 "Mystery Date" (open spoilers)

Judging from the previews it looks like we get to see more of Joan and her beloved smother.

Excellent episode. Go Joan. Don, way to symbolically kill your past. Though that scene freaked me out.

I don’t always drug my children, but when I do I prefer Seconal!

Went Meh.

For all the times I’ve been enraptured by symbolism in this series, I didn’t need something as heavy-handed as Don “literally” murdering his adulterous past. I had her pegged as a hallucination from the first time she arrived at the apartment and was rolling my eyes throughout.

Shame though because other parts of the episode were great. Ginsberg and Roger dealing with Peggy had me stitches. And Sally and her psychopath grandma.

Very dark episode. I loved it. Lots of symbolism with all the opening and closing of doors, and of course Cinderella’s shoes.

Sayonara, Dr. Rape! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Don’s dream was incredibly disturbing. And not for one second do I think he’s done screwing other women. I’m sure he wants to be, but he’s not.

Peggy bonding with the new secretary was awesome, until that unfortunate and unspoken moment with her purse.

Ginsberg might be on his way to becoming one of my favorite characters.

Wow. That episode blew me away. I found myself wishing, “Please, let it be a dream.”

Roger - fantastic

Ginsburg - fantastic

Art guy - fantastic

A great comeback episode for Sally

I truly didn’t getting rid of Greg Harris would be this easy.

What did Dawn’s note say? (I really need HiDef.)

Something like: “Thanks for the hospitality. I am sorry that I put you out.”

Great episode. And I knew it was a dream. Why? Because I’ve had that dream many, many times.

Oh, and I’m going to call for a detail check. I love that they have push button phones, because we had a new house in 1966 and it had them. But, isn’t the beanie on the baby a relatively recent thing? Was it SOP in the mid 60s?

But great episode. Loved the whole thing w/ Joan and her husband. And I finally realized who her mother reminds me of-- Barbara Bush. No?

Jesus H. Christ, Betty’s parenting suddenly seems quite benign. Here Sally, all you need is a little discipline and lecture on the evils of men and some barbiturates. (Incidentally, Sally is the single most interesting person on this show, now and forever, world without end Amen.)

We all knew that Dr. Rape had no future on this show, but I’m so pleased that they had Joan, child of a single mother, kick him to the curb rather than take the easy route of killing him offscreen in Viet Nam.

Go Peggy! Nooooo… wait… oh, Peggy. Sadface. Poor Dawn.

Don’s dream was just a bit heavy-handed for my taste, and by “a little” I mean “Ow, take it easy with the anvils!”

I anticipate that Ginsberg is going to spend a lot of time almost getting fired.

The juxtaposition of the nurse murders, Don’s dream, and Grandma Francis/Sally was really striking–all of them ended up with someone under the bed!

I’m also glad Dr. McRapey is gone, but it’s strange that we’re all on Joan’s side even though she had a baby with another man.

I thought Don was going to go full monty for a moment during the Dream Murder scene. That was more skin than they’ve ever shown of Jon Hamm’s. (I can see why others find him good looking but he’s really not my type at all, so his nudity would be a neutral thing to me.)

What was the poignant silence twixt Peggy and Dawn about? Does Peggy have a lesbian side, or was had she just said something racist that I missed, or…? I must confess I missed that part.

Right before Peggy went to bed, she glanced at her purse and almost grabbed it off of the coffee table. She had this brief instinct, and was ashamed about it, that Dawn might steal it.

To be (perhaps overly) fair to Peggy, I think that, given that it had more cash in it than she’d probably ever had on her in her life, she wouldn’t have wanted to leave that purse out around ANYONE, although there might have been an extra bit of hesitancy about Dawn being black. Even if there wasn’t, she realized how Dawn interpreted that moment, and was ashamed of making her feel that way, in addition to whatever racism contributed.

Ah, thanks.

Somehow I didn’t pick up on that, I suppose because I’d have probably actually taken the purse with me into my bedroom. (Nothing at all to do with Dawn’s race or gender or whatever, but the fact she’s a relative stranger and in addition to cash I have personal stuff in there.)

Four hundred dollars in 1966 works out to be around $3,000 in todays money. :eek: And Peggy made it even worse be stopping herself from picking the purse up. If she’d just picked it up after she put the sheets down without giving Dawn a glance that awkwardnedd would’ve been avoided completely.

And I can see why Peggy milked Roger for all he was work (yes, I know how that sounds). She was his only option, 3 seasons ago she would’ve jumped at the chance, and she knows that not only is she not going to get credit, Ginsberg is (at least as far as the client’s concerned). And of course Roger making a big deal about how Mohawk need a man on it didn’t help, no matter how he tried to spin it. You could tell he was equally annoyed and impressed with her leaving her office.

In that “What 1966 events do you want to see referenced thread” I hesitated to say anything about Richard Speck. Not something I would *want *to see, but the angle they took was interesting.

Watching Peggy squeeze Roger was fun.

They need to find something new for Don to do. They’ve squeezed the mysterious past angle and the serial adulterer angle for about all they’re worth. Now he only does interesting things during dream sequences.

Pete prancing around like the cock of the walk. I can’t wait until he gets knock off his perch.

  1. Is Pete setting Roger up again?
  2. Are Joan and Roger going to get back together?

I want more of Roger. Love him in the car commercials.