Mad-Men: 5.06 "Far Away Places" (open spoilers)

From the preview it looks like Peggy’s havign some relationship problems as well.

“Born freeeeee, as free as the wind blows…”

I guess it was inevitable that somebody at the firm would end up dropping acid sometime before the show ended, but I didn’t think it’d be Roger!

Drugs are bad, kids!

This is some good shit.

Don just left his wife at the Howard Johnson’s in Plattsburgh, NY where my wife used to work.

Roger drops acid, but Don has the bad trip.

Very nice.

I liked it… strange thing is that I don’t feel like I have a ton to say about it. It almost seemed all really obvious without a lot of layers of depth.

The film of scenery moving outside Don’s car windows was really obvious to the point where I wondered if they were intentionally making it look like a 1960’s film.

Easy paycheck for Vincent Kartheiser this week :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting contrast between Don and Peggy in this episode. Don’s work is suffering due to his relationship, and yet he still can’t seem to make things work with Megan. Peggy’s relationship is suffering due to work, and she still can’t satisfy the clients. Roger, of all people, ends up being the only person who’s happy.

I was scared something very bad would happen when Don was chasing Megan around the apartment. These two are like a ticking time bomb.

No Betty this episode; I’m happy.

Which is worse, a dream sequence, or an LSD trip sequence? Both.

Bad Peggy. Bad, naughty Peggy.

Peggy got a freak side.

So chronologically the last scene would have been her calling her boyfriend if I’m not mistaken.

Jane’s blunt at least: “It’s going to be very expensive.” I remember they married around the time of the JFK assassination (Roger’s daughter married that week but I don’t remember if he’d married Jane or not yet), so they’ve been married about two and a half years, and his net worth has actually decreased (not due to her but due to SCDP losing Lucky Strike).

Does anybody think that Ginsberg is not eccentric so much as full-on nuts? (There were babies born in concentration camps, of course, but few were Martian.)

This episode reiterates what my parents always told me: never make a skinny Quebecois eat orange sherbert. Pity that Peggy wasn’t there as the last time we saw her for any length of time she was upending an ice cream glass.

Is everyone now Jewish?

Peggy’s boyfriend referred to a brucha (prayer)

Jane was speaking Yiddish

And of course Ginsberg and his dad.

Big day for her. Wakes up with her boyfriend, blows a presentation, leaves work to go to the movies, smokes some dope, gives some dude a handjob in the theater, takes a nap in her boss’ office, and gives her boyfriend a booty call.

Is there anything she can’t do? Jeb Bartlett would be so pissed.

Megan was cracking me up in the HoJo’s, gobbling down the sherbet. She don’t take no shit from Don, do she?

It’s the little things…

Don gets in a fight with wife, abandons her at the HoJos… sure, classic Don.

Don refuses to buy a third $1.15 tchotchke for little Eugene so he can have his own present… Man, what a dick.

I though chronologically the last scene was the last scene - Roger saying that it would be a beautiful day. Peggy called her boyfriend the night before that not long after she got the panicked call from Don. Or at least I think so, I can’t remember exactly.

That little scene sticks like a popcorn hull in my teeth - what was that?? Why put that in? It must mean something, otherwise it just sounds …well, stupid. Awkward. (though what baby Gene would want with a backscratcher or salt water taffy is another question. )

Logically, Megan just should have gone to the HoJo hotel room and wait for Don to cool off and come back. I was afraid she’d gotten into a car with some strange guys for a ride back to NY, but I guess they took her to a bus station for the 6 hour trip. She and Don seem to be back on track in next week’s previews, but all that simmering emotion under the happy-honeymoon facade is probably going to leak out a whole lot more from now on.