Mad Men: How many women has Don Draper slept with since episode 1?

Question is in the title. Anyone know?


Rachel Menken
Bobbi Barrett
Suzanne (Sally’s teacher)
Unnamed prostitute
Dr. Faye

Did I forget anyone?

The diner waitress?

That stewardess at the hotel.

Was that the same hotel (and episode) where Sal almost hooked up with the bellboy?

Yes. Season 3, episode 1: Out Of Town.

This Chart, posted in the most recent episode thread may help with the running count. It’s a little outdated, I think through the beginning of the previous season.

I don’t have a count, myself. But I’d like to register my displeasure with a turn of phrase; Don rarely “sleeps with” these other women. He usually finishes, zips up and leaves…

You forgot Joy, the best one!

Also, Im sort of surprised seeing it listed like this. Over 4 years he has slept with less women than me, and Im nothing special. Although perhaps we are not actually shown all.

More than I’ve done in my entire life.


Stealth brag detected. How come I can’t write in all caps?

Allison, his secretary. When she quit over unrequited love, Joan assigned Mrs. Blankenship as his secretary.

Mrs. Blankenship


Shelley. Her name was Shelley.

There was also Jane Sterling’s debutante friend Bethany.

And two other unnamed women: one whom he met at the Clio awards after-party and took home with him, and another whom he woke up with two days later(!), and who called him “Dick.”

(Hate it when that happens!)

And the unnamed blonde from the final scene from last season, the one who asked him “are you available?” The blonde and her brunette friend at the end of the bar. Don totally nailed both of them.

All of them?