Madame Tussauds badly designed wax figure of Nicki Minaj.

How could the sculpturer not foresee this? Come on, They had to know what fans would do. :smiley:


I can’t stop laughing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Azealia is a wise woman. She saw this coming. I hope they consider Minaj 's dignity and sculpt a new wax figure. I agree that it should be her standing and performing with a mic.

Apparently, they put the barricade up around the sculpture the very next day after I visited Tussaud’s last month.

The selfie I took with it was comparatively tame.

I suspect people started posing inappropriately with statues back in the Roman and Greek days. :wink:

I’ve seen a bunch of photos of people posing comically from all over the world.

quick google image search

I do not find wax replicas of pop stars erotically stimulating.

How could they have not thought that would happen? They probably did it on purpose.

Badly designed? No. Looks great.

Badly posed and/or thought out? Um… yes.

Tell me again why Nicki Minaj rates a figure at Madame Tussauds?

For the same reason that Miley Cyrus, Jenna Jameson, Britney Spears, and Nick Fury all have sculptures at that same location.

Because Vegas.

I used to work in an office building on Wall St right in front of the Bull. His balls are very, very shiny. You could waste a lot of time watching tourists taking bestiality pictures.

I’ve often wondered why they had to make that bull anatomically correct.

one of the milder photos

That’s not the first Tussaud’s wax figure posed in that position. Google Kylie Minogue if you want an example.

He wouldn’t be much of a bull without his balls.

Try the 1935 horror movie Mad Love. Frances Drake is incredible, both her wax figure and her regular one.

Wouldn’t be a bull without 'em.
oop. Missed Biggirl’s post.

Wall Street does steer the nation’s economy.


Don’t have a cow, man.

We’ve got that beat (SFW)

Context: The Big Merino

I find the uproar about the Nikki Minaj figure outrageous. It’s a wax museum, setting characters in tableaus. Of course they’re going to pose them in iconic ways that match their images. For Minaj, they chose one out of one of her most famous and popular videos. They didn’t pose her that way to belittle her. If they had her in a staid and upright pose behind a lectern it wouldn’t be iconic – it’d be downright boring. Tussaud’s wouldn’t be doing their job. And I’ll bet a lot of tourists wouldn’t know who the figure was supposed to be. This is really no different from posing Marilyn Monroe in her skirts-blown-up pose from The Seven-Year Itch. And before you accuse me of sexism, you could as easily pose a male figure in some non-sedate, possibly embarrassing yet iconic pose, as well (like Woody Allen dressed as a sperm cell). It’s not my fault that they generally don’t do it.
The real problem is that people have access to the statue to take the pictures people are complaining about. At wax museums I’ve been to, the statues are isolated from the public by rails or are literally placed on pedestals or something – otherwise people might be raking their fingernails over the wax faces, or something. Are the people posing with Nikki jumping over velvet ropes, or something?

Especially with the celebrity images, Vegas Tussaud’s (I’m not sure of other locations) makes it explicitly part of the experience, or at least until now did, to “take your picture with the stars”. Example.Example2.Example3.

Well, if that’s the case, I have to agree that choosing this pose was a Bad Idea – they shoulda seen it coming.

Tussaud’s must be reconciled to replacing these figures on a regular basis – if people are getting that close, they’re going to be taking a toll on the notoriously fragile figures pretty soon.

True. But apparently as is the case with many other situations in life, customers so far had tended to behave themselves around the figures. Failure of imagination as to what sort of audiance would be drawn by this particular asstastic portrayal? Or merely expecting that any such would be fewer and farther between than they turned out?