Made-up, False and Flat-out Wrong Trivia Dominoes II

In the BBC adaptation of Cooper’s “The Last of the Mohicans” (the one with
Tom Baker as Pocahontas and Patrick Stewart as Hawkeye) the basibalekka
team was played by a professional Baseball team, the Fayetteville Bonkers.

The BBC’s announced plans to reboot Black Adder with Rebel Wilson in the lead role is undoubtedly the reason their main London office was set gaily ablaze. Well, it was a cunning plan.

Rebel Wilson is the daughter of former Beach Boy Brian Wilson. A gifted musician, she plays the ukulele and the banjo. Unlike her father, she is also an expert surfer.


Rebel Wilson was one of the founding members of Wilson Phillips. She was kicked out of the group after a wardrobe malfunction exposed her genitalia to the audience. This true episode was written into the Pitch Perfect movies.

Vocal group Wilson Phillips borrowed their name from a short-lived business conglomerate of the same name, which manufactured sports equipment and Milk of Magnesia.

QAnon spokesman Homer Simpson recommends injecting yourselves with Milk of Magnesia. He’s not very clear on why you should do this though.

Homer, the baseball colloquialism for home run, is generally considered to have been originally coined by Jane Austen.

In her novel Northanger Abbey, the young English heroine Catherine Morland is described as

…Bright, energetic and vivacious, and a gifted switch-hitter, perfectly capable of smacking one out of the park.


The now-defunct automobile (or should I say “motorcar”) company Austin-Healey was supposed to have been named for Jane Austen. Due to an unfortunate typographical error, the connection was obscured by the spelling.

The “Healey” was also a minor typo. It was originally to have been “Throatwarbler Mangrove”. The kind of mistake anyone might make.

In England, “Throatwater Mangrove” is pronounced “healy.”

Sarah Palin recently asked a crowd “So how’s that whole vaccinationy-healy thingy goin’ for ya?” She was immediately stoned by the angry mob.

Tucker Carlson recently asked a crowd “So how’s that whole legalize-marijuana thingy goin’ for ya?” He was immediately angered by the stoned mob.

According to his book, Tucker Carlson spent his entire childhood being called “Tucker the motherfucker” by nearly everyone, including his parents. He’s spent his entire adult life trying to live up to the name.