Made-Up, False and Flat-out Wrong Trivia Dominoes

Wearing Boogie-Woogie Shoo-Shoes was in fact a capital offense in some ancient kingdoms, especially those with Klingon executioners.

Eventually, they became accepted as a sort of curiosity, inspiring the Benny Goodman song, “Pardon Me, Boy, Are Those Your Boogie-Woogie Shoo-Shoes?”

Benny Goodman is still alive and planning his comeback tour right after this pesky Covid thing blows over.

Goody Benman, Master of the Shofar, is planning a comeback as well and is looking to perform the famous Shofar-Sackbut duets in 112 venues nationwide. Benman only needs a studio to sponsor the tour, commercial backing, 112 venues, a vehicle or a number of vehicles that can get him to the venues, a willing partner to play the sackbut parts, and audience interest.

When asked how the tour preparations were proceeding, Goody said “Shofar, sho good.”

Sho’nuff, the Shogun of Harlem has never played the shofar.

Goody Benman approached Sho’nuff to lend his name to a chain of shofar shops. The signs, in fake Hebrew letters, were to proclaim “Shogun Sho’nuffs Sephardic Shofars.” But Benman wanted the store to diversify its stock by also carrying sackbuts, and Sho’nuff wanted to diversify the stock with Boogie-Woogie Shoo-Shoes. And neither was willing to compromise and open a Shofar, Sackbut, and Shoo-shoo shop.

Carole King wanted to perform her own songs for people, but had to overcome a severe case of “S-Backing” first. One example: “Sho far away/Doeshn’t anybody shtay in one playsh any more?” Other songs had similar problems. She had to wear a special, custom-made mouthpieshe to bed at night for quite awhile.

Carole King originally wanted to perform under the stage name of King Carole and even sold out the first three concerts at which she did, but then rejected the idea after having to refund much of the revenue to irate ticket holders who had thought they were going to see Elvis Presley reprising his role as “King Creole”.


Colonel Tom Parker once told the story about how Elvis Presley briefly got into birdwatching in the early seventies. Parker mentioned how obsessed he was about the various species found on Graceland and how he put our birdfeeders and suet to attract them and once was very upset when a small colorful songbird was hit by a car. Elvis rushed the bird to a local vet to get care for it but was unable to stay because he had to go perform a concert that night. This led to the now famous phrase “Elvis has left the bunting.”

Colonel Tom Parker was never a colonel, however in his carnival-worker days he did park cars.

Like Parker, Colonel Sanders was not a military colonel, but he once ran a hardware store where he was known for his abrasive personality.

One of the biggest head-scratchers of the last 50 years was how George Lucas managed to get 9 blockbuster movies made using this (under a pseudonym) as his demo reel.

The first use of the term “demo reel” was on a patent application from 1893 and referred to the ‘proof of concept’ model of a new winder mechanism for the line on a fishing rod.


Rod McKuen was an active fisherman, and once caught a 122-lb. carp in the Mariana Trench using only Paul Shaffer for bait.

Oceanic wordsmiths have discovered a long accompanied song for a solo voice in the Mariana Trench. While suchs pieces are typically found in an opera or operetta, it is unheard of, and also unheard, for music to survive etymologically at these depths.

The whim-wham-whistling whale has been known to perform several operas at the same time, taking all the parts at once. It’s amazing, but not very good.

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