MADinner around Baltimore

This month’s MADinner is going to be a bit early since JC’s party is the last weekend of the month and it would be a bit much for some MAD’s to do both. So this month’s dinner is going to be held on Friday, June 20 at 8:00PM up near Baltimore. Where near Baltimore? We’ll wait for Dave and Gingy to come into the thread and tell us some where good to go.

Anybody who wants to show up is welcome, post counts are unimportant and feel free to bring a friend or five.

Who’s in?

We’re in.

I have weddings galore to be at that weekend, so I will regrettably have to duck out of this one…have fun, tell stories…and when come back bring…bring…?

Haven’t missed one yet, and don’t plan to miss this one either…

Why don’t we do Canton this time? I would suggest the Cosmopolitan Bar & Grill, The Gin Mill or Claddagh Pub.

What’s Canton, is it a neighborhood? I can’t find it on a map.

I’ve answered my own question: It’s just east of Fells Point. Sounds good.

I already know I can’t make it. :frowning: A friend’s 21st birthday is that night, and I’d promised her months ago I’d attend. I’ll be wishing I was there, of course!

This is the Monday bump/reminder/desparate attempt to get other people to show up.

List of dopers who are in so far:
Anita Vacation

Well, the day is nearly upon us and we haven’t settled on where we’re going to eat. Dave, being board’s expert on Baltimore I’ll leave it up to you to pick a place, although I’ll be more than willing to make the reservations.

Well, since I enjoyed the last one so much and I usually jump at the chance to drive up to the DC area, I’d love to show up at this one. Unfortunately, though, I’ll be at the rehearsal dinner for my brother’s wedding that night and have the wedding the next day, so I’ll have to hold off until the next one. Drink a margarita for me.

TeleTronOne, however, we need to get some plans going for that trip to Six Flags:D.


Unfortunately, I won’t be at this one. This weekend is the only free weekend for me this month, and it’s time to get rested up and caught up on stuff.

You know, there’s really not any way we can make this one. Dave didn’t write it down in his appointment book, and therefore he booked work appointments for that night - so, we could come at around 9:30 or 10:00; The In-Laws, our regular babysitters for these shindigs, are out of town and we’d have to bring Matthew, so that’s out. Also, I have to work at 6 am on Saturday.

Very sorry.

You guys just wanna scratch this one? We’re all gonna see each other next week anyways and right now there’s only three of us who are going to show up. We can hit Baltimore next month. I’m cool if Tele and Anita still want to get together, but maybe we should move it closer to DC for you two.

I haven’t been to one yet, but would love to meet you folks. I’ll be a little tired from driving my car fast all day (ask me about it if you’d like to be bored to death), but should probably be able to make it.

But where?

Actually… ick. Due to a number of work and not-work related… stuff, I’ve been really, really awful about reading the boards recently and haven’t even looked at this thread since I first posted :frowning:

And I wanted to chime in and say I wasn’t going to be able to make it anyway, unfortunately. Since my car is acting funny and I might be at work later than usual tonight, my resolve to drive to Baltimore is pretty much shot.

But we should all see each other at the JC extravaganza next week, so no harm done, right?

Yeah, let’s scratch this one. Commasense, I know that you haven’t met anyone from the board yet, but are you going to JC’s party next week? You’ll be able to meet a ton of dopers that way. Otherwise you and I will have to arrange to get together some time because you can’t be more than a fifteen minute drive or so away from me.

I’m relieved, since I was dreading the thought of driving an hour in this rain, and then having to abstain from appreciating alcohol so that I could drive back another hour in the driving rain.

Will this rain ever end?

See you all next weekend!

Oooh, MAD folx meet up about once a month? :slight_smile: This might be the cure for my no-Philly-Dope-Dates until August (I’ve relocated to Baltimore for the summer). Look forward to meeting y’all at JC’s next weekend and maybe at a later MAD event?

See you all at JC’s.