Balt/D.C. Appetizers and Alcohol Appreciation Society

While the D.C. Lunch Brunch is well and good it seems that there are plenty of D.C./Baltimore dopers who can’t make it there for a variety of reasons, so to make up for that I’m thinking that once a month dopers from the area can get together for dinner. The location will vary, thereby giving dopers who might not have the best transportation arrangements a chance to show up if the dinner winds up near them.

Right now I’m thinking that we could get together on the last Friday of every month, but this is of course open to being moved around if people have problems with that.

For the first meeting I’d propose the Ram’s Head Tavern in Savage, MD. I figured it’d be a good location because it’s located directly between Baltimore and D.C. and is pretty easy to get to from I-95, the BW Parkway, Route 1 and my house. Ram’s Head has got its own micro-brewery and over a hundred bottled beers on tap. Oh yeah, the food there is really good too.

I’m thinking of meeting on Feb. 28[sup]th[/sup] at 8:00PM, which should give people plenty of time to go home after work before coming out.

So who’s in?

This is such a great idea! We are IN.

Arlington has trendy restaurants and great nightspots in the Clarendon area with easy access by subway. When the meeting works its way over to NoVa I’ll be there!

I’d be up for a NoVa dinner, especially one near Metro.

Then again, if it’s at 8:00 parking would be more important to me than Metro.

I could go, although if the spot isn’t in NoVa, I’d prefer something near the metro, since I’d otherwise have to get on the metro to go home, pick up my car, and then drive out there… which would probably discourage me from going. But 8:00 might be late enough for me to work that.

Possibly in. I rarely plan more than a week or two in advance anyway.

I’ll keep an eye out for NoVa get-togethers.

I’ll be there. Incidentally, you do know about the party on the 15th that OpalCat has arranged in Tyson’s Corner, don’t you?

I should be able to make it.

What kind of food? Anything a vegetarian can eat? Oh yeah, and you’d better come to the party tomorrow.

Sorry, I’ve got work so no party for me. I miss all the big dopefests in this area because of my job. It’s starting to get annoying. Of course that’s part of my motivation for starting this shindig. If Mohammed will not go to the mountain, then the mountain must come to Mohammed, or something like that.

OpalCat, I called up the Ram’s Head for you and they said that as far as vegetarian goes they have a black bean soup, salads of course, and a Mediterranean pasta which the guy said is very good (peppers, olives, artichokes and some other stuff I didn’t catch) but that’s about it. He said that if we call in advance the chef might do a specialty order, but that’s unlikely since it’s going to be a Friday night.

Also, where the heck are John Corrado and dantheman? I know they’re both local for this dinner, although I think dan’s moving the next day so he might be too busy to make it.

Well, my job has given me yet another reason to quit by scheduling me on Friday night. They’ve also scheduled me every which way around the times I’m supposed to be in school and told me this is my fault/problem. Mind you this is due to those dipshits scheduling two people in my department to go on vacation at the same time. I could go on but this isn’t the Pit.

I can still make it on Friday, but it won’t be until late, ten at the earliest.


10 is too late for us, honey. We’re at least an hour north of the city, if not more. Another night? Maybe we can drum up more interest for another day? Like a Saturday. Most people don’t work on Saturday and therefore aren’t as tired, more willing to go out.

I’m game for Saturday. It might make it easier to get there since I won’t have to metro myself back home and pick up the car in time to make it. I could another weeknight as well, although if I’m being responsible, a Friday would probably be the best weekday - but I’m usually not that responsible :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to this since I got stuck being the wisdom tooth fairy and couldn’t make Opal’s get together on the 15th.

I think you misunderstood. I’m not suggesting making it ten o’clock to get together, I’m saying that if you guys get together I could show up for the tail end. Pretty cruddy since I’m the guy who’s trying to organize this thing, but there ya go.

Saturday’s suck for me because I have to work 'til midnight every Saturday. That’s why I was aiming for a Friday.

Damn, that sucks.

I’m assuming you were planning this to be in the “Rathskeller” portion of the establishment, which is open until 2am? I’ll hang out with you and help you get plastered if it would make you feel better.

That sounds promising, TTO. If you’re willing to hang out late I can think of another doper in the area who I could get to show up.

I generally avoid the Rathskeller until the rest of the establishment closes. It has live music and is so loud you can’t hear yourself think.

Meant to put this in my last post.

If everyone is still planning on being there let me know so I can make reservations. Reservations aren’t usually necessary, but better safe than sorry.

Well, the reason I ask is that their webpage says the rest of the place closes at 10.

Oh, and put me down as a definite if you have to make reservations.