Madonna has lost her ****ing mind in this custody dispute

You’re going to* force* a soon to be 16 year old to stay with you? Good luck with that!

I get that being a celebrity with a gazillion dollars can make you disconnected, but I’m surprised no friend has pulled her aside and said “this is a very bad, not so good, really awful idea”.

By the time kids are in their mid teens forcing them to be with one parent or another against their will is just folly and is a sure method for ensuing long term enmity.

Judge forces Madonna’s son to spend holidays with her

It sounds like the young man is a bone being fought over by his parents.:frowning:

Paragraph 1: I’d be surprised if she has any friends.

Paragraph 2: True.

Look, I have no use for Madonna, but… all kinds of weird, painful and embarrassing things go on in any family, and hers is no exception. I sure don’t take any delight in seeing her shunned by her son.

I mean, do I know for certain my son won’t go through a hating Dad phase in a few years?

But forcing the issue is pretty much the best way to make it worse. Hell, I’m surprised the judge even did it. They sure didn’t get involved with my cousins when they didn’t want to go with their mom.

And they did ultimately wind up with a better relationship with her. It just took a few years.

Madonna is missing a few screws…for a while, she was married to a 21 year old Brazilian male model (Jesus Luiz). Imagine-marrying a man, and you are old enough to be his grandmother. Weird.

That this is being done in the public eye makes things 10,000 times worse.

I dunno, would you say the same if its a rich old man marrying a young girl? I think “good for her”

I think you’ll find no shortage of people seeing a young girl with rich old guy and thinking “Ewww.” Heff made it look kind of cool - but that’s more of a rare exception.

They were not married, and she was only old enough to be his mother (51 to his 23).

I know whenever I see, say, a Cheeseburger picture of a fat older guy with a young hottie, the comments are most unlikely to be any flavour of “Aww, true love transcends mere age difference”. :dubious:

I agree. A NYC judge interjecting herself so quickly into this familial dispute just smells bad.

Er… actually 51 is old enough to be grandmother to a 23 year old…

I’m not saying Madonna is right to force the issue. That could be a huge mistake that could alienate her son forever.

I’m just saying that, in this case, I can understand her actions and I’m more inclined to feel sorry for her than to smirk at her or condemn her.

I’ve been of the opinion for decades that this woman doesn’t have have a genuine, legitimate friend in the world. She seems to have some friendly acquaintances based mostly upon shared celebrity wealth and experiences (Sting’s wife Trudie Styler for example, but Madonna strikes me as far too self-centered, wilful and demanding to have any real friends in the way most of us think of as friends.

It’s a shame that this private custody battle has to play out for the world to see. It’s hard enough on kids whose parents cannot get along, without the added pressure of the world knowing and judging.

The poor kid.

I feel bad for all of them, what with the press attention, but for him I really feel awful.

How can she imagine this will do anything other than make it worse.

And what judge doesn’t side with the wishes of the 16yr old, ( except where there or signs of abuse or manipulation, of course!)

Yes…if you have a child at 14 and your child also has one at 14

Which is totally common.

Yeah, I wouldn’t really recommend trying to get pregnant at 13, even if you’re technically fertile. Just because you have periods doesn’t mean everything else in your body is ready to carry a pregnancy to term.

Let’s stick with “old enough to easily be his mother.”