MADs - anyone want a free sofa?

We’ve got a spare sleeper sofa that we no longer have room for, even in the basement. It’s free to anyone who can haul it away. Got pix here and here. (The cat stays. Sorry.)

The sofa’s 84" long and 34" deep. The sleeper sofa mattress is queen-size (66" wide). It’s old and doesn’t clean up any better than what you see, but it’s solidly built.

Since it’s a sleeper sofa, it’s heavy, but the innards come out easily for moving. Disassembled, two people should have no problem moving it.

Any takers? Post here, or click the email button.

Thought I had a taker, but no go. It’s still up for grabs. Who wants it?

A free sofa, eh?

I’ll be at college at GWU in the fall, and could probably use one. Unfortunatly, I’ll be flying in, and don’t have a truck handy.

If you have no takers by this time next week, and I find someone with a truck, I’d be happy to take it off of your hands.

The way things are going, it could easily still be around in a week. Once you get on campus, befriend fellow students with trucks!

Hmm… probably won’t fit very well in my apartment, unfortunately.

I have a slipcover for that bad boy when it does find a home. Medium blue and cream checks.