Magdalene's date, redux

A few weeks back Magdalene wrote about a bad date she’d had. The thread got off on a tangent, turned ugly and got locked. I didn’t have a chance to post this then and I wanted to wait for things to calm down a bit before reopening the topic. I e-mailed Magdalene, just to make sure she didn’t mind, and she said that it was ok. So, in hopes of giving Madalene a laugh, without further ado, I present

Magdalene versus “Mr. Pushy Bad Kisser Boy”


Maggie, It’s Cold Outside

Mag: You really can’t stay
Date: Baby, It’s cold outside
Mag: You’ve got to go ‘way
Date: But baby, it’s cold outside
Mag: How great it’s been
Date: Maybe I could sleep in!
Mag: but you should go.
Date:<whining a bit> I’ve such a long drive, don’t you know?
Mag: It’s very late! You really should scurry!
Date: Hey beautiful, what’s your hurry?
Mag: So leave. I’ve opened up your car door!
Date:<proudly> I am manly, hear me roar!
Mag: <shoves him out> So here’s your doggie bag and your jacket
Date:<slyly> Hey sweetheart, let’s go make a racket!
Mag: <to self> Geez, some guys just won’t go out the door!
Date:<ducks back in> You could put some music on while I pour
Mag: <getting mad> You really should leave
Date: Baby, it’s a long, long ride
Mag: right now, before I get peeved
Date: Hey, now. I’ve got my pride
Mag: <exasperated> Great. Isn’t this swell?
Date: Your eyes are like starlight now
Mag: Oh God. I am in hell.
Date: No need for fear, I won’t kiss an’ tell
Mag: I’m telling you now “Get out sir!”
Date: Mind if I move up closer
Mag: When I said “Get out” you thought that I’d lied?
Date: What’s the sense of hurting my pride?
Mag: You really can’t stay
Date: Baby, don’t hold out, because it’s cold outside.

Fenris (a wolf, but not that kind)

Fenris, this post sucks. I find most, if not all, of your posts lame, unfunny, uninteresting, and wish you’d stop altogether.

I most definitely did not laugh my way through this entire post.

[sub]What? This isn’t the Liar’s Thread? :eek:[/sub]

Did you write this with the hand tied behind your back while dueling with Scylla?

You rock, Fen.

Fenris, funny, as I assumed it would be, although I’m a little offended that you thought I might “not be familiar with the song.” Ya big goof! :smiley:

(And yes, in the dueling thread, you should have used bullets)