Magic doorway in wardrobe, what do you do ?

You’re cleaning your junk out the way, open the wardobe and find a doorway to somewhere else, just like in the book.

Fairly ordinary deciduous woodland as far as you can see, some small woodland creatures (don’t seem to be showing any sign of talking) doing woodland creature stuff.

Do you

  1. nail wardrobe shut, bury in garden, move house

  2. call police/army/pest control

  3. Go through

  4. try and ignore wardrobe

for the purposes of this thread ignore

  1. Scale back usage of illegal herbage/consult psychiatrist :slight_smile:

If you decide to go exploring what/who do you take with you and how do you go about it ?

Burn the f%cker!!

Better safe than sorry, & look how much trouble the Human race has got into in one Universe.

I’d like to think I’d go through and explore but I’d probably just try and ignore it … unless all my socks went missing then I’d probably have to go in and kick some sock-stealing fairy butt.

I would:[ol][li]Obtain rope.[]Tie one end of rope to bedframe.[]Take other end of rope.[]Proceed through door.[]Tie other end of rope to convenient tree.[*]Look back.[/ol] You never know: the door might be invisible on the other side, or it might be set to close after the first large solid object has finished passing through, or something. I’d want to be able to get back.[/li]
Then, I’d get my camping gear, set up a base camp just on the other side of the door, run a power cable and an Ethernet cable through, reconfigure my website for streaming video, grab the laptop, and voilà! Webcam from Fairyland! :slight_smile:

Go through. Definitely.

I think you’d have to go through. I mean, do you really want to pass up a chance to meet God?

I’d prolly call my boyfriend and maybe one or two friends over to the house so we could explore the new world together.

Also so that I wouldn’t be trapped alone if the door decided to close after I went through. (That is, I don’t mind the idea of not coming back to this world, as long as I get to take along the people I’d miss the most.)

Or maybe----

[li]tie rocks to outside of wardrobe–make it good & heavy, so it won’t float.[/li][li]Fix door of wardrobe, so it won’t close.[/li][li]Hi Opal! Ain’t this fun?[/li][li]Get a rowboat.[/li][li]Row to middle of lake.[/li][li]Sink wardrobe.[/li][li]Watch lake empty like an old bathtub.[/li][li]When lake is dry, shriek threats at inhabitants of Wardrobe Universe–“Give me ALL your gold & gems, or I drop the damn thing in the ocean!”[/li][li]PROFIT!! :D[/li][/ol]

I’d say, “Finally! I’ve been looking and looking!” Then I’d plunge right through.

Why? Have you seen such a door?

‘Webcam from Fairyland.’ You are going to disappoint a lot of people who come to your sight. :slight_smile:

While I like turkish delight, I don’t think it’s all that, so I feel confident I could explore safely.


I gather up some friends, break out the backpacking equipment, and head on through. Although I have to admit we would more resemble a squad of invading Marines than an innocent group of travellers. There is no such thing as “too much firepower” when facing the Unknown. :smiley:

Besides, aren’t there always princesses in need of saving in places like that?

Not my fault if they don’t keep up with the classics, is it?

[sub]Er, you meant ‘site’, right?[/sub]

Get myself a really big gun and go lion hunting. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I devote a considerable amount of thought to avoiding chances to meet God, every day.

Watch it, those are my childhood memories you’re stepping on.

I’d pack up camping equipment and go through and never look back.

Unless it was a really horrible place.

You don’t have time for that! It’s not going to be there every time you open the door, you know! The animals will look after you.

If *that’s * the case, I’ll strip naked and dance across the grass!

I bet you’re gonna fit right in.