Magic Eye images on line

Will a Magic Eye image “work” when viewed on a computer monitor?

Can you print them using a laser printer?

Are there any on-line sites where you can view them?

  1. Not really.

B. Yes

III. Yes

Yes to all of your questions, ChiefScott. The pictures are know as SIRDS, which stands for Single Image Random Dot Stereograms. You can find a bunch of sites from this page.

Just got back from Shiva’s cite/site. The first time I tried it worked just fine. THEN I read the directions and got an inversed(!) image that was much stronger and seemed to project from my screen. I slid my chair back and it followed me back. I finally walked back about 6 or 7 ft. and it streched and enlogated. Weird…

I gotta say, after coming from one of Purd Werfect’s sites ( or something) that I’ve never had an EASIER time seeing these things. It usually takes me a half minute or more, but each of these things I saw within five seconds, and the image even stayed while I scrolled the screen up and down. And they looked just as good as on paper, IMHO.

Why, Chieffy, are you sick of looking at aircraft carriers? Are you trying to find a schooner, instead?

(Sorry, I had to throw in the Mallrats reference since no one else had.)