Those things you stare at until an image appears

Does anyone know of a place on the Web where I can find images of those scrambled pictures you stare at? They were porular in the early 90’s - it was a color sheet of a scrambled picture of nothing, then you had to stare at it until an image appeared - it was featured in an episode of Seinfeld I believe. The rules went something like “stare through it and focus on an object several inches behind it, then pull focus until you see it.”

Anyway, I never, ever was able to see anything, but my co-worker has one and I finally, as in yesterday, saw a picture. So now I want to see some more. Problem is, I can’t seem to properly identify them in a search string…

Here ya go. Go nuts.

I love these things. They have an archive at that site with lots of cool stuff.

Magic Eye - that’s right! Feh - they’re all over the place!

Thanks guys!

How about right here at the SDMB?

Halfway down the page…

[sub]I feel so dirty promoting myself like this…but the thread was cool and it needs resurrection.[/sub]

Some folks call them “random dot stereograms” and there’s a nifty algorithm out there for programmers who want to generate them.