I know that Ghandi’s first name was Mahandas and that he was given the title of Mahatma. I don’t wish to question his deserving the title. But did the similarities between the names Mahandas and Mahatma have anything to do with people calling him Mahatma? IOW, is this something like a pun? No disrespect intended, just curious. And I assume the answer is “no.”

His forename was Mohandas. ‘Mahatma’ is his byname, meaning ‘great soul’.

The words don’t seem that similar to me. I’ve always seen the first name spelled Mohandas.

Gandhi (and not Ghandi) was born Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

Most Hindu first names have a meaning. Mohandas is derived from Mohan (Lord Krishna, also means one who is captivating) and das (meaning dedicated to the service of).

Mahatma is derived from Mahan and Atma. Mahan means great and Atma means soul (loosely translated).

Right on with the explanation.

There is no connection. Eg. Hon. has no connection to being named Hannibal. <----( fictitious)

andy_fl and CrazyDiamond have it right.

And may I reiterate that it is Gandhi NOT Ghandi.