Mail addresses banned for registration

It’s probably a bit odd to have my first post in ATMB but I encountered a considerable annoyance while registering my account.

I tried two different mail adresses from big german freemail providers ( and GMX) and both were rejected as banned from the administrator. Is that an intentional ban or is it accidental? Those mail providers are far from obscure, most germans probably have an address from at least on of those two.

My guess would be an influx of spam from those particular email providers. Unfortunately, that’s inconvenient for legitimate posters using those providers, but sometimes it’s about all a board can do.

I’m sure that if you drop a note to the mods and/or admins they’ll look into it for you.

I love the OP’s user name!

There are a few email domains that are banned here – it’s because all we ever got from those domains was spam.

We do apologize for your inconvenience but when you got so many spammers and so few legitimate users – as most of these domains do – most boards do have a banned list.

I find it only slightly amusing… :smiley:

Given the kerfuffle, the OP probably felt slighted.

As a mad Scientist myself, I’d like to welcome the OP.