mail order brides

Not that I’m looking, but this documentary stirred this question:

Is this really big business? The number in the blurb on the above website isn’t very clear, but how does this work out? Do many of these marriages last? How long after marrying a citizen do you become a citizen and are “free” to divorce and stay here?

I know of two people who definitely have mail order brides, both from Columbia. There’s a third person of whom I’m familiar that I suspect has a mail order bride (also from Columbia).

One is a skilled-trades electrician. Smart guy. He’s not shy about expressing it. Next guy is a production guy at a competitor. He spilled the beans. I’m just assuming the third guy is, too, since, well, how do you meet women from Columbia (tongue-in-cheek, my wife’s from Mexico, and didn’t come in the mail).

So, can I say that it’s “big bucks”? Dunno. But me knowing of two of them? Well, seems like a whole lot of people (relatively speaking) to me, who knows very few people.

Most of them appear to be scams, either to get American men to send money to someone in another country or to get American men to marry a foreign wife so she can get citizenship. this near-classic thread has a perfect and sad example. Poor Bubba…

I have known three American men who have gotten wives in the Philipines. One of the marriages worked. I have known one guy who was under the impression he was purchasing a bride there also, and it turned out to be a scam. He was just sending money and letters to a mail box.

Please Balthisar… It is Colombia, not Columbia!

You know, robcaro, I really do know that! Honestly! I guess that’s what you’d call “finger memory” – I wouldn’t make that mistake when handwriting. El culmo es que hablo español.

Did it again – “colmo.”

Apparently more than one in six marriages in Denmark is between a Dane and a foreigner, mainly Danish men and women from Russian / The Baltic states / Thailand. If that’s the same for the rest of western Europe then that’s pretty big I think. Also that leaves about 300,000 Danish women in marriageable age unmatched, reason dictates mail order husbands must be the next booming industry.

Not if the bride was a tenured professor!

What do you mean by Mail-Order Bride? It seems to be a nebulous and judgmental term. I know of men who have met their wives through introduction services. Not too much different from traditional village matchmakers.

If you are asking if there is a big business in selling women to dirty old men who force them to marry, I certainly hope not.

I got my (ex) wife the old-fashioned way I invaded her country and burned one of her buildings.

When I read this, I thought, “Paul In Saudi is a Mongol in the Golden Horde?” :smiley: :wink: :smiley:

How do I become a mail-order husband?

Indeed there is a way. In fact, I am bought right now as we speak. If you look on the website, you will see me. I’m pretty obvious.

Here’s Your Chance!

I can’t compete with those guys.