Mail Order Brides

So what’s the story on Mail Order Brides? Is that practice illegal or something? I was watching a show on MTV [Viva La Bam] where they ordered one. I’m just curious if this was just a prank on the viewer, or if sites really exist like this… I tried looking myself as a lark but only found sites where you pay to talk to the women… (I’m married, so don’t think I’m asking to buy one. ;))

You’d be surprised at how many reasonably good looking third world women are willing be marry a complete stranger in a whole other country if it means they get to eat 3 meals a day for the rest of their lives. I ain’t got cites, but I know it’s true. In Taiwan there’s similar versions of mail order brides, except that they usually get them from poor asian countries such as Vietnam, contrary to in the US where we get them mainly from some eastern european country.

oh, one more thing: are there any stories online detailing peoples experiences with these mail order brides? I’d imagine the stories to be scary. :smiley:

Mail Order Bride & Sour Honey is a good thread with lots of info on the subject.

Are there mail order husbands too?

Not that I want one-but I’m just curious.

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